Gameplay Updates : Server Merged


Gameplay Updates

Server Merge: Entering Midgard

We’re thrilled to announce the merging of Hela and Freya servers into one.

Welcome to the vast Midgard! New adventures and meetings with new companions await you.

Remember to share love and friendship in every encounter!

  • If your characters are not showing up, please try moving them to other empty slots by following the steps in this video.


System Updates

The New Agit: WOE Enhancement

Following the successful completion of Guild Wars SS I, we’re excited to introduce thrilling improvements for Season II.

Brace yourselves for new challenges and modifications that will amplify the excitement of your battles!

New castles, new mechanics – prepare for a guild war experience like never before.

More Details: Click here

Event Updates

Daily attendance 

Welcome to April with our Daily Attendance. Get ready for a fun-filled summer!

Click here 

Monster Invasion Enhancement

MVPs in the Monster Invasion have been upgraded!

MVPs will now be part of the MVP Rebalance Treasure

This Meaning, MVPs in Monster Invasion will drop a Treasure Chest once defeated.

Miscellaneous Changes & Bug Fixes

Automatic Battle System
After using Token of Siegfried, your character will immediately teleport, ensuring your adventure continues seamlessly.

Costume Collection
New: Costume White Tiger
Now can put into Collection. Upon deposit, receive Def +2, Mdef +2.

Path Of Truth
Players will no longer be able to undertake quests related to monster eradication in the Path Of Truth.


 Top-Up Milestone Event [Apr] – (1 – 15 Apr)

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First Refill [Apr] – (1 – 30 Apr)

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