Ragnarok Landverse : MVP Rebalance


Experience the latest update in Ragnarok Landverse featuring streamlined MVPs Respawn Timings! Now, you don’t have to spend your entire day hunting for MVPs.
Plan your team’s strategy and conquer MVPs efficiently by following the new respawn schedule and guidelines:

How did MVPs Respawn

1. Regular Respawn Cycle: All MVP bosses across the game world are set to reappear every 4 hours, ensuring a predictable and fair chance for all players.

2. Fixed Respawn Schedule: MVPs will reappear at uniform intervals throughout the day – specifically at 00:00, 04:00, 08:00, 12:00, 16:00, and 20:00 server time (GMT+8), aligning all players with a consistent timetable.

3. Respawn Rules: Should an MVP boss not be defeated before its next scheduled appearance, it will be automatically replaced by a new instance, removing the existing one from the map.

4. Spawn Dynamics: Upon respawn, the MVP will appear at the same location behavior like Moonlight Flower. After spawning, the MVP will exhibit random movement behavior – this could involve walking or teleporting to various locations.

5. Player vs. Player Rules: the PK aspect remains unchanged within all MVP maps, preserving the thrill and challenge of these encounters.

Stay on top of your game and enjoy a more organized and exciting MVP hunting experience in Ragnarok Landverse!

Reward from the MVP

As we introduce new mechanics for MVPs, we are also offering Special Rewards for them!

Now, every MVP will drop a treasure box on the floor after you defeat it, and there are 4 grades:
1. Legendary (Yellow), which will grant you 5 Adamantine Blessings.
2. Epic (Red), which will grant you 3 Adamantine Blessings.
3. Rare (Blue), which will grant you 2 Adamantine Blessings.
4. Uncommon, which will grant you 1 Adamantine Blessing.

Please note the following:
– The MVP treasure box will remain on the ground for 3 minutes.
– Adventurers can open MVP treasure boxes up to 5 times per day (per account).
– There will be a 10-second cast time when opening an MVP treasure box, which can be interrupted, similar to the mining system.

So, if you are planning to take on MVPs, don’t forget to team up with your friends and reap the rewards without getting interrupted!


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