Ragnarok Landverse : New war of emperium [Midgard]


Welcome Ragnarok Player to new chapter of the new battlefield where the fun and challenge begin

What is the new War of Emperium Enhancement ? 

With the merging of the Freya and Hela servers into Midgard, we aim to focus on content that users are interested in, one of which is the War of Emperium.
After discussions with players on Discord and collecting suggestions from players,
the team has decided to revamp the old map and systems of War of Emperium, implementing a newer version of it into Ragnarok Landverse.

War of Emperium [ Enhancement ] Introduce

From now on, you can enter the Guild War map with the ROverse Manual Book.
Upon entering, you will be positioned at the front gate coordinator at hero_lb 139/140.

From this location, you can proceed to the gates of each castle, which are situated at each corner of the map, to enter the battlefield.

Here are the positions and names of each gate:

– Top left – Lacusarium Gate

– Lower left – Silvarium Gate

– Bottom left – Bastitarium Gate

– Bottom right – Labinarium Gate

Lacusarium Castle

Starting Point

CASTLE Rally Point


Silvarium Castle

Starting Point

CASTLE Rally Point


Labinarium Castle

Starting Point4

CASTLE Rally Point


Bastitarium Castle

Starting Point

CASTLE Rally Point


New War of Emperium Mechanism

Players can only occupy one castle. If you currently own a castle and then destroy the Emperium to occupy a new castle, the first castle will be reset.

Changes to Treasure Chest Usage: You can click to use items related to Drop Modification with this chest. This Treasure Chest allows you to obtain random items from previous version of the Treasure Chest of every castle.

The old Guild War supply system, which provided users with Adamantine Blessing, Elunium, Oridecon, and Advanced WoE Supply Box, has been discontinued.

The new Guild War of Emperium will last for a duration of 2 hours.

*During a single Guild War period, players can collect up to 1000 Proof Of Hero (a new currency) pieces per war.

MVP/Monster Respawn Mechanism

MVPs will spawn from grave sites. Activating these sites summons the MVP Boss. If defeated, the boss reverts back to a grave at its original spawn point, with a 10-minute cooldown before it can be summoned again, indicated by the timer on a new grave site.

Should an MVP stray too far from its spawn point, it immediately returns to grave form (without counting as a boss defeat), allowing for immediate resummoning.

The locations where MVPs and Emperium spawn are marked with icons on the Minimap.

Once the cooldown is complete, an announcement will be made on the map that the boss can now be summoned again.

Monsters continuously spawn with a 1-minute respawn cooldown, totaling 50 across the map.
Each map features a unique set of spawning monsters.

  • MVPs are unable to teleport.
  • Each MVP possesses 5 million HP.
  • Monsters have three times the HP of their counterparts outside the map.
  • Monster spawn points are randomized.
  • No spawns in the area will drop items or experience.

Monster Info

Amount Lacusarium Silvarium Labinarium Bastitarium
15 Evil Druid High Orc Clock Cramp
15 Demon Pungus Skeleton Prisoner Enchanted Peach Tree Deviruchi
10 Medusa Phendark Anubis Sting
10 Ancient Mummy Bloody Murderer Ice Titan Raydric


Boss MVP Info

Lacusarium Location Silvarium Location
Osiris hero_out2 28 24 Eddga hero_out1 158 209
Drake hero_out2 209 189 Stormy Knight hero_out1 40 142
White Lady hero_out2 158 101 RSX-0806 hero_out1 269 138


Labinarium Location Bastitarium Location
Phreeoni hero_out4 194 190 Dracula hero_out3 101 56
Lord of the Dead hero_out4 263 35 Pharaoh hero_out3 168 116
Turtle General hero_out4 23 231 Tao Gunka hero_out3 218 192


New Currency & Acquisition Methods

With the latest War of Emperium enhancement, two new war currencies have been introduced.

  1. Proof Of Winner :Tokens can be obtained by occupying the Emperium until the conclusion of the Guild War period.
  2. Proof Of Hero : Tokens can be acquired by defeating monsters and boss monsters in the castle, or by vanquishing players from other guilds during War of Emperium (WOE).


Item Qty


Proof Of Winner 5 Occupy the Emperium until the end of the Guild War period and be the Guild Leader.
Proof Of Winner 1 Occupy the Emperium until the end of the Guild War period and not be the Guild Leader.
Proof Of Hero 30 Defeat a Boss Monster (the entire guild will receive the item, but characters must be in the same castle).
Proof Of Hero 50 Be the last person to break the Emperium (the entire guild will receive the item, but characters must be in the same castle).
Proof Of Hero 5 Defeat players from other guilds. Suicide, Gran Cross self-damage, setting traps to kill each other, and setting traps to kill members of the same party are not allowed. (The entire party will receive the item, but characters must be in the same party and on the same screen).
Proof Of Hero 1 Defeat any type of Monster in the castle.

*During a single Guild War period, players can collect up to 1000 Proof Of Hero pieces per war.

New WOE Shop

Item Qty Exchange for Item Qty
Proof Of Hero 30000 Title : Divided
Increase damage on DemiHuman monster by 3%.
Proof Of Winner 1 Treasure Chest 1
Proof Of Hero 500 Adamantine Box


Proof Of Hero 200 [Event] Speed Potion 1
Proof Of Hero 200 [Event] Shrine Pocket
Upon use, you will randomly receive one of the Shrine buffs.
Proof Of Hero 100 Elunium 1
Proof Of Hero 100 Oridecon 1
Proof Of Hero 10 WOE BluePotion 1
Proof Of Hero 5 WOE White Potion 1


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