Ragnarok Landverse Kafra Premium Service


Kafra Premium Service

The latest Kafra Premium Service update for Ragnarok Landverse introduces cash items that play various important roles within the game.
New items update 22 May 2024

Kafra Buff Box(7 Days)

You will receive a Kafra buff (7 days) when you open this item.

When you use this item, you will receive the following buffs for 7 days:
+50% increase in Experience gained.
+50% increase in item drop rate.
– Character buffs : when using the Kafra Buff Box.

Premium Ration Service Box

When you open the box, you will receive a 30 days Premium Buff for all your characters in server

Increase experience by 15%
Increase drop rate by 15%
– Account buffs : when using the Premium Ration Service Box.

you will also receive “Premium Service Staff” 

You can receive additional buffs from this staff by consuming a Silvervine Fruit and selecting one of the following buffs:

1. Gain more EXP/JOB EXP (1 DAY)
2. Increase item drop rate (1 DAY)
3. Reduce death penalty (1 DAY)
4. Receive all buffs
Account buffs : when using Premium Service Staff


+15% Increase in Experience and Job Experience gained. (1 DAY)

+15% Increase item drop rate (1 DAY)

Reduce death penalty to 0 (1 DAY)

Server buffs : when using Premium Service Staff

Silvervine Fruit

One of the essential consumable items, Silvervine Fruit has many uses and will have even more in future updates. You can always find this item in the Moonstone Shop.

The usage of this item during this period

Exchange for Malangdo costume

Special Services with goldsmith – Link

Enchant Level 4 Weapon – Link

Reset Special Enchant Option – Link

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