Special Enhance Option


📈 Special Enhance Option: 
With the new update on November 13th, there are new special equipment options that allow you to transform your items into more powerful versions with a special slot effect. In this article, we’ll delve into the details in a simple way, explaining what equipment can undergo Special Enhance, where to find it, and how to enhance it. If you are ready, let’s get started!
📙Lists of items that can Enhance
  • Archangel Wings [1]

    You can obtain Archangel Wings [1] as a spending reward at the spending event,
    or you can purchase them from the NFT Marketplace.
🗺️ Where to enhance your items option?

You can enhance items with NPC Fallen Angel in the Kafra Shop. For entry, follow the steps below or click “here” to skip.
STEP 1: Navigate to Prontera and move to the coordinates 139, 124.

STEP 2: Interact with the Cash Sales Guide NPC and choose the option to “Enter Kafra Shop.”

STEP 3: You will find the NPC Fallen Angel in the Kafra Shop, located in the middle of the room.

🎩How to enhance your items options

Conditions for Enchant Option:

1. Use 1,000,000 Zeny as the enchant fee.
2. You must not wear the Archangel Wing on your character during enchanting.
3. There is a small chance that the Archangel Wing will disappear as a result of enchanting.
4. The enchant can be removed by using 3 Silvervines.

🪽Items after Enchant Option & Option that available

Item after being enhanced.

You can check the lists of Option that available here

🗑️How to remove Enchant Option

Conditions for removal
The enchant can be removed by using 3 silvervine fruits.
You can buy silvervine fruits at the moonstone shop

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