Ragnarok Landverse Dungeon Explorer Event


Ragnarok Landverse Dungeon Explorer Event: Dive into the depths of dungeons to discover more about Rune Midgard.

Numerous dungeons have been unlocked, ready for you to explore and conquer.
Talk to the NPC Dungeon Explorer and begin your adventure in this server event!

Event Period : 15 – 29 April 2024, 11:59PM (GMT+8)
※Each character can only complete this quest once.

Event Guideline

Talk to the NPC Dungeon Explorer at coordinates Prontera 162/106 to start your quest.
She will assign you tasks to explore dungeons and meet the requirements as follows:

1. Explore the 40th Floor of the Endless Tower

[Endless Tower info Click]

2. Clear Sarah’s Memory

[Sarah’s Memory info Click]

3. Explore more than 50 floors of the Tower of Tides

[Tower of Tides info Click]

4. Explore more than 30 floors of the Path of Truth

[Path of Truth info Click]※Defeat all four dungeons within a week to qualify for the weekly rewards.

Complete Dungeon Explorer Event After Defeat all four dungeons

Event Rewards:

  • Elite Supply Box  5ea
  • increase Agi Scroll 10ea
  • Blessing Scroll Box 10ea
  • Smal Mana Potion  10 ea

※The event will run for two weeks, allowing for two reward claims per ID, counted per character.
※If you switch characters, the counting conditions will restart.

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