Ragnarok Landverse Tower Of Tides (Memorial Dungeon)


Tower Of Tides (Memorial Dungeon)

The great flood has arrived. The tower is almost broken by the waves; there are many cracks forming, and water is beginning to leak through.
It seems like an excellent place to explore. I believe there must be something hidden beneath that tower. Are you ready to investigate it?

Tower of Tides (Memorial Dungeon) – Dungeon Conditions:

– Base Level 40 or higher required
– Cooldown Period: 3 days per account
– Dungeon time limit: 1 hour

You can start the investigation quest by visiting NPC Ocean in Alberta. She will create an instance based on the party leader’s setup.
The harder the dungeon, the greater the chance of earning rewards. After creation, players need to access the dungeon and speak with
NPC Ocean again to initiate the dungeon, which will start a countdown timer. Adventurers will need to clear it before the dungeon collapses.

Follow the step-by-step guide below:

How to Start Tower of Tides (Memorial Dungeon)

Dungeon Level
The Party Leader is required to establish the Tower of Tides based on the level,
and the experience gained from monsters defeated is based on the level of the Tower of Tides that the Party Leader has set up.
Level 40 – 59
Level 60 – 79
Level 80 – 99

How to Change Difficulty with Tower of Tides Ticket

Where to Get Tower of Tides Ticket?
– Tower of Tides Tickets can be purchased at the Moonstone shop for 250 Moonstones.

How to Clear the Dungeon:
Within the Tower of Tides, you will need to eliminate all monsters within the dungeon and dive into the deepest part of the Tower.
A Dimensional Portal will open when you have eliminated all monsters.

Monster horde Dimensional Portal


Dungeon Reward
EXP / Adamantine Blessing

Dungeon Exp Rewards
Dungeon Level Bonus EXP Mob EXP
40 – 59 12500 480
60 – 79 32700 710
80 – 99 74500 1500
Bonus Rewards Based on Difficulty Setting
Difficulty Chance to get Adam. Blessing Exp and mob spawn increase Bonus EXP (every 5 floors)
1 10% 0% 0%
2 20% 10% 5%
3 30% 20% 10%
4 40% 30% 15%
5 50% 40% 20%



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