Ragnarok Landverse : Path of Truth (Memorial Dungeon)


Path of Truth (Memorial Dungeon)

Enter the dungeon where the true test begins. It’s not just about facing others in your class, but also about surpassing yourself.
Use your intelligence, skills, and all your resources to ascend to the top and claim the precious rewards we’ve prepared.

Step up, embrace the challenge, and reveal the truths that lie at the end of the path with your skills now!

How to Enter Path of Truth (Memorial Dungeon)

  • You can start your challenge by talk with NPC Path Manager (C_Tower1) : 200 214


How to Play

When entering the Path, players will find a series of rooms, with a maximum of 50 rooms in total.
These rooms will contain many strong monsters and bosses.


Players must defeat these monsters and bosses,
racing against time to see who can travel the farthest along the Path, competing within their own class.

The calculation for those who travel the farthest on the Path is as follows:
1. Who travels the farthest.
2. If the distance traveled is the same, it will be determined by time.
3. If a player completes the Path, it will be determined by the fastest time.
4. If players reach the same room but do not complete it, it will be based on the time they entered that room.

* There will be a continuous countdown timer (20 minutes for each run.).
* When a record is broken, an announcement should be made to inform everyone which player broke the record, how many minutes it took, and which Path they reached.


  • Level 80+
  • 2nd Classes
  • Super Novice Class

Eligible Classes For participate

  • Knight
  • Crusader
  • Wizard
  • Sage
  • Hunter
  • Bard
  • Dancer
  • Blacksmith
  • Alchemist
  • Assassin
  • Rogue
  • Priest
  • Monk
  • Super Novice Class

Key Information Before start!

  • This dungeon can only be entered alone.
  • You will have 20 minutes for each run.
  • You can play as many time as you like
  • Experience points (Exp) will not be lost if the character dies.
  • Winner Cutoff (Character Bound): Cooldown resets every Sunday at 11:59 PM GMT+8

Skill Ban List

  • Teleport
  • Ice Wall
  • Snatch
  • Shield Reflect
  • Fiber Lock
  • Leap
  • Extreme Vacuum
  • Warg Bite
  • Reflect Damage
  • Sheltering Bliss

Monsters Information

  • Monsters and bosses will not use skills.
    The status of monsters and bosses will be reduced as follows:
  • The Attack and Magic Attack of monsters and bosses are reduced by 80%.
  • The Defense and Magic Defense of monsters and bosses are reduced by 50%.
  • The overall status of monsters and bosses is reduced by 20%.
  • Monsters and bosses will not drop items.
  • Monsters and bosses will not give EXP.


Path of Truth Room Monster
Path 1 Toad
Path 2 Dragon Fly
Path 3 Mastering
Path 4 Owl Duke
Path 5 Vagabond Wolf
Path 6 Deviling
Path 7 Angeling
Path 8 Owl Baron
Path 9 Cat o’ Nine Tails
Path 10 Arc Angeling
Path 11 Chimera
Path 12 Ghostring
Path 13 Executioner
Path 14 Dark Illusion
Path 15 Mutant Dragonoid
Path 16 Ogretooth
Path 17 Gryphon
Path 18 Mysteltainn
Path 19 Maya Purple
Path 20 Golden Thief Bug
Path 21 Phreeoni
Path 22 Moonlight Flower
Path 23 Dracula
Path 24 Lady Tanee
Path 25 Orc Hero
Path 26 Mistress
Path 27 Maya
Path 28 Doppelganger
Path 29 Orc Lord
Path 30 Lord of the Dead
Path 31 Stormy Knight
Path 32 Baphomet
Path 33 White Lady
Path 34 Drake
Path 35 Pharaoh
Path 36 Samurai Specter
Path 37 Eddga
Path 38 RSX-0806
Path 39 Amon Ra
Path 40 Evil Snake Lord
Path 41 Osiris
Path 42 Dark Lord
Path 43 Tao Gunka
Path 44 Hatii
Path 45 Turtle General
Path 46 Thanatos Phantom
Path 47 Atroce
Path 48 Ktullanux
Path 49 Gloom Under Night
Path 50 Vesper

Rewards 1

The rewards will be give to Rank 1-3 of each class
You can claim the rewards at NPC Path Manager (C_Tower1) : 200 214

Rewards 2 Path Shop

 To the valiant warriors who’ve battled through the Path of Truth Dungeon you will get Path Tokens as rewards
this Path Tokens can be redeem for many useful items at NPC Path Shop.

Path Token – This token is for the Path shop, which offers a variety of rewards to explore.
You can start collecting the tokens now and redeem for the items on the lists now!

Path Shop
Item Name Path Token
[Path] Miracle Medicine I 5
[Path] Miracle Medicine V 10
[Path] Miracle Medicine X 15
[Path] LV10 Blessing Scroll 5
[Path] Lv10 Increase Agility Scroll 5
[Path] Small Life Potion 6
[Path] Medium Life Potion 8
[Path] Mysterious Water 10
[Path] Field Manual 10
[Path] Bubble Gum 10
[Path] Life Insurance 10
[Path] Battle Manual and Bubble Gum 15
[Path] Chewing Gum Box (7Day) 15
[Path] Premium Reset Stone 75
[Path] Neuralizer 250
Title : Path Traveler
Atk + 3 Matk + 3
Hit + 3 Flee + 3
Cannot be stored.
Title : Path Traveler
Atk + 5 Matk + 5
Hit + 5 Flee + 5
Cannot be stored.
Title : Path Traveler
Atk + 10 Matk + 10
Hit + 10 Flee + 10
Cannot be stored.

– All types of rewards, purchasable only once per week: Resets at the same time as the Path.
– Quotas are tied to the character.
– Titles cannot be stored.
Please note: The number of tokens used and the list of redeemable items may be subject to adjustments and updates in the future.
For accurate information, please refer to in-game details.


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