Gameplay Update 1.0f (Updated 14/11/2023)



New System

Card Combination System

Meet the Poring King: Travel to West Prontera Field (/navi prt_fild05 353/260).
Welcome to the era of Card Exchange, where you can exchange any card you do not need and have the chance to evolve your card collection through different tiers.
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Idle prevention System

Players will no longer receive exp and loot if their characters remain stationary for an extended period of time.

New Memorial dungeon

Tower of Tides

Visiting NPC Ocean in Alberta: Travel to Alberta (/navi alberta 226/83)
The great flood has arrived. The tower is almost broken by the waves; there are many cracks forming, and water is beginning to leak through.
Help Ocean explore the Tower in exchange for experience and Adamantine Blessings.
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Update: 14/11/2023

Fixed a bug where Adamantine Blessing reward were being lower than expected by applying 5 floors less than actual floor into the reward formula.
Fixed a bug in monster ATK calculation.
Changed monster DEF formula. This should result in significantly reduced monster DEF in deeper floors.
Fixed a bug where MDEF stats scaling was not applied to monsters.
Fixed a bug where RES and MRES stats were not applied to monsters. RES and MRES works in the same way as DEF and MDEF but can’t be ignored with defense piercing gears.
Above changes should result in a more challenging experience at difficulty level 5 but easier at lower difficulty. Parties should also be less dependent on mages with this change.

Land System

Land Title

Land Owner I : All Status + 3
Landowners can now claim the “Land Owner I” through Land Manager NPC at the entrance of their Land map.
The title will be removed in every week’s maintenance. Each land map’s title can be claimed once per week.

Land teleport

Fixed a bug where Juperos Dungeon cannot be teleported back via land system warp.

Universal Exchange

Added Compensation Shop Menu

Daily Quest

Lyra’s package delivery quest no longer requires you to remember the package code.

Daily Quest Pass Ticket

Lyra’s daily quest can now be skipped with a Daily Quest Pass Ticket. Currently, the only way to obtain it is through compensation shop.


Hela & Freya

Monster Spotlight II has ended.
Flash Deal! – Adamantine Blessing Box has ended.


New Scroll: Aquatic Scroll
New Item: Daily Quest Pass Ticket
Fixed: Ore Convex Mirrors can now be stored.

Fixed: Evil Cookies can now be sold to NPCs.
Fixed: Miracle Medicines can now be stored.
Fixed: Sloth Hat no longer triggers from ranged attacks.


Removed Universal Scroll
Added Aquatic Scroll

Added Silvervine Fruit
Added Ticket of Tides


Added Costume Little Aquarium
Receive 1% less damage from large size monsters.


Costume Little Aquarium – x10 Aquatic Scroll
Snake Head [1] – x10 Aquatic Scroll
Spiked Scarf – x5 Aquatic Scroll
Angel Spirit – x5 Aquatic Scroll
Aquarius Diadem – x3 Aquatic Scroll
Pecopeco Wing Ears – x3 Aquatic Scroll
Vanilmirth Hat – x2 Aquatic Scroll
Black Frame Glasses – x2 Aquatic Scroll
Hibiscus – x2 Aquatic Scroll