Card Exchange System


Ragnarok Landverse Card Exchange System

Welcome to the era of Card Exchange, where you can exchange any card you want and have the chance to evolve your card collection through different tiers.
Journey through Ragnarok Landverse, discover new cards, and enhance your gameplay experience.

How to Exchange your card ?

  1. Meet the Poring King: Travel to prt_fild05 at coordinates 353, 260.
  2. Speak with the Poring King and select the “Card Exchange” option.
  3. Choose the card tier you desire, ranging from tier 1 to 4.
  4. Then select 4 cards of the same tier to combine.

How the Card Exchange Works

– Each attempt at card fusion requires the sacrifice of four cards, so choose your combinations judiciously.
– Engage in card fusion by combining cards of the identical tier. Cross-tier combinations are not permitted within the system.
– Success brings you a card from the next tier, accompanied by an in-game announcement.
– In the event of failure, you retain a card from your original tier.
Tier 4 cards can only randomize within their current tier, offering a balanced mix of risk and potential reward.

You can check the card tiers in the table below.

Card Tier 1
Poring Card Martin Card Dragon Fly Card Alarm Card
Fabre Card Poison Spore Card Vagabond Wolf Card Ancient Mummy Card
Drops Card Vitata Card Raydric Archer Card Orc Archer Card
Lunatic Card Cornutus Card Leib Olmai Card Wooden Golem Card
Chonchon Card Megalodon Card Wraith Card Wootan Shooter Card
Picky Egg Card Golem Card Leaf Cat Card Wootan Fighter Card
Thief Bug Egg Card Pirate Skeleton Card Marin Card Cloud Hermit Card
Andre Egg Card Argos Card Mastering Card Jing Guai Card
Thief Bug Card Savage Card Megalith Card Eclipse Card
Andre Larva Card Giearth Card Violy Card Giant Hornet Card
Hornet Card Munak Card Vocal Card Gibbet Card
Baby Desert Wolf Card Obeaune Card Bongun Card Tengu Card
Female Thief Bug Card Ghoul Card Blazer Card Kapha Card
Ambernite Card Gargoyle Card Sage Worm Card Tamruan Card
Poporing Card Goat Card Stem Worm Card Toad Card
Muka Card Galapago Card Sting Card Punk Card
Zombie Card Dumpling Child Card Sleeper Card High Orc Card
Stainer Card Grand Peco Card Hermit Plant Card Sea-Otter Card
Coco Card Poisonous Toad Card Arclouze Card Venomous Card
Steel Chonchon Card Dryad Card Apocalipse Card Pitman Card
Metaling Card Mineral Card Obsidian Card


New Addition: Card Tier 1
Anopheles Card Margaretha Sorin Card Ancient Mimic Card Ice Titan Card
Egnigem Cenia Card Venatu Card Baroness of Retribution Card Gazeti Card
Armeyer Dinze Card Dimik Card Dame of Sentinel Card Muscipular Card
Wickebine Tres Card Green Maiden Card Mistress of Shelter Card Stapo Card
Gremlin Card Grove Card Aliza Card Snowier Card
Beholder Card Hydrolancer Card Seeker Card Dragon Egg Card
Eremes Guile Card


Card Tier 2
Pupa Card Jakk Card Bloody Murderer Card Incubus Card
Willow Card Marionette Card Enchanted Peach Tree Card Zhu Po Long Card
Roda Frog Card Isis Card Succubus Card Shell Fish Card
Rocker Card Joker Card Solider Card Zombie Prisoner Card
Spore Card Gajomart Card Skeleton General Card Geographer Card
Skeleton Card Crab Card Stalactic Golem Card Chepet Card
Kukre Card Goblin Steamrider Card Shinobi Card Cat O’ Nine Tails Card
Tarou Card Goblin Archer Card Mi Gao Card Kobold Archer Card
Wolf Card Nine Tail Card Baby Leopard Card Cookie Card
Peco Peco Card Gullinbursti Card Anolian Card Quve Card
Wormtail Card Dark Illusion Card Christmas Cookie Card Cruiser Card
Snake Card Dark Priest Card Iron Fist Card Clock Card
Smokie Card Dullahan Card Antonio Card Parasite Card
Male Thief Bug Card Dragon Tail Card Am Mut Card Panzer Goblin Card
Yoyo Card Rideword Card Assaulter Card Permeter Card
Elder Willow Card Raggler Card Aster Card Seal Card
Dustiness Card Loli Ruri Card Ancient Worm Card Freezer Card
Orc Zombie Card Rotar Zairo Card Elder Card Hylozoist Card
Hode Card Lude Card Alligator Card Hatii Babe Card
Marse Card Merman Card Wild Rose Card Harpy Card
Sohee Card Mini Demon Card Evil Nymph Card Bloody Butterfly Card
Verit Card Miyabi Doll Card Wind Ghost Card Heater Card
Myst Card Wanderer Card Explosion Card Waste Stove Card
Ungoliant Card


New Addition: Card Tier  2
Holden Card Seyren Windsor Card Death Word Card Aliot Card
Hill Wind Card Archdam Card Lady Solace Card Frus Card
Errende Ebecee Card Gold Acidus Card Despero of Thanatos Card Skeggiold Card
Kavach Icarus Card Blue Acidus Card Dolor of Thanatos Card Drosera Card
Remover Card Yellow Novus Card Alicel Card Roween Card


Card Tier 3
Picky Card Sandman Card Demon Pungus Card Zealotus Card
Condor Card Horong Card Driller Card Greatest General Card
Savage Babe Card Requiem Card Disguise Card Choco Card
Familiar Card Marc Card Diabolic Card Karakasa Card
Plankton Card Mummy Card Wraith Dead Card Carat Card
Creamy Card Marduk Card Rybio Card Caterpillar Card
Andre Card Argiope Card Majoruros Card Kraben Card
Marina Card Sidewinder Card Mutant Dragonoid Card Cramp Card
Metaller Card Bathory Card Myst Case Card Creamy Fear Card
Zerom Card Deviruchi Card Brilight Card Chimera Card
Eggyra Card Medusa Card Sasquatch Card Killer Mantis Card
Magnolia Card Deviace Card Skeleton Prisoner Card Beetle King Card
Phen Card Nightmare Card Stone Shooter Card Tri Joint Card
Marine Sphere Card Bapho Jr. Card Spring Rabbit Card Pest Card
Soldier Skeleton Card Grizzly Card Owl Duke Card False Angel Card
Swordfish Card Gryphon Card Owl Baron Card Mobster Card
Kobold Card Nightmare Terror Card Injustice Card Bloody Knight Card
Zenorc Card Nereid Card Giant Spider Card Yao Jun Card
Dokebi Card Dark Frame Card Zombie Master Card Phendark Card
Pasana Card


New Addition: Card Tier  3
Laurell Weinder Card Red Novus Card Skogul Card Siroma Card
Howard Alt-Eisen Card Plasma Card Echio Card Galion Card
Cecil Damon Card Breeze Card Vanberk Card Hodremlin Card
Orc Baby Card Maero of Thanatos Card Isilla Card Odium of Thanatos Card
Red Ferus Card


Card Tier 4
Santa Poring Card Bigfoot Card Sky Petite Card Mao Guai Card
Peco Peco Egg Card Mantis Card Minorous Card Mimic Card
Mandragora Card Flora Card Scorpion King Card Mysteltainn Card
Hydra Card Desert Wolf Card Raydric Card Tower Keeper Card
Horn Card Rafflesia Card Khalitzburg Card Executioner Card
Vadon Card Orc Skeleton Card Anubis Card Alice Card
Thara Frog Card Frilldora Card Abysmal Knight Card Ogretooth Card
Soldier Andre Card Skeleton Worker Card Evil Druid Card Orc Lady Card
Goblin Card Archer Skeleton Card Goblin Leader Card Earth Deleter Card
Anacondaq Card Matyr Card Sky Deleter Card Zipper Bear Card
Caramel Card Whisper Card Firelock Soldier Card Kobold Leader Card
Kaho Card Strouf Card Gig Card Giant Whisper Card
Orc Warrior Card Hunter Fly Card The Paper Card Penomena Card
Scorpion Card Earth Petite Card Lava Golem Card Noxious Card
Drainliar Card Porcellio Card Teddy Bear Card


New Addition: Card Tier  4
Gemini-S58 Card Kathryne Keyron Card Green Ferus Card Agav Card


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