Gameplay Update 3.0k : Town Funding


Gameplay Updates

3.0 Mechanism Reworked

We have received a lot of feedback from you about instance dungeons are too difficult, making it hard for beginner players to access them and obtain 3.0 equipment.

Therefore, we have made adjustments to make them more accessible to everyone.

We have introduced three difficulty levels for the 3.0 dungeons: Easy Mode, Hard Mode, and Nightmare Mode. The quota for entering these modes is shared.

Players can only choose one mode to enter per week. The quota is account-bound, meaning if you enter an Easy Mode dungeon, you cannot enter a Nightmare Mode dungeon within that week.

*We have removed the time restriction. As long as you complete the dungeon, you will receive the same rewards

Moscovia Instance Dungeon Reward

Game Mode Mos Coin (When Defeated MVP) Rusty Fragment (When Defeated MVP) Rusty Soul (When Defeated MVP)
Moscovia Instance Dungeon Easy Mode 60 1 5 ea
Moscovia Instance Dungeon Hard Mode 130 1 12 ea
Moscovia Instance Dungeon Nightmare Mode 200 2 25 ea

Kiel Robot Factory Instance dungeon reward

Game Mode Kiel Coin (When Defeated MVP) Robot Fragment (When Defeated MVP) Robot Soul (When Defeated MVP)
Kiel Robot Factory Instance Dungeon Easy Mode 60 1 5 ea
Kiel Robot Factory Instance Dungeon Hard Mode 130 1 12 ea
Kiel Robot Factory Instance Dungeon Nightmare Mode 200 2 25 ea


System Update

Buff Challenge – Town Funding

Detail : “Link Click”

Malangdo Update

Malangdo Costume SS VI

Detail : “Link Click”

Added Minor Cast Stone (Garment) into Landverse Enchant Stone Box

Miscellaneous Changes & Bug Fixes

– Fixed a bug Temporal Boots Dex where the Dex stat gave did not match the item description.

– Fixed a bug Land Upgrade where upgrading did not grant additional Stamina.

– Added items from Land Upgrade to Automatic Usage List.

– Implemented [Fast Mode] in Old Glast Heim instance.
Players who have cleared the memorial dungeon at least once can skip majority of the dungeon’s story.
Fast mode also increases spawn rate of the commander duo bosses on the second floor.

– Fixed a bug where Taekwon Class Pass cannot be used by Star Gladiator and Soul Linker class.

Moonstoneshop Updates

Premium Service Box (30Days) – 1950 Moonstone

Kafra Buff Chest (7Days) – 2499 Moonstone

Detail : “Link Click”

New Whitelist

– Costume Digital Space

– Costume Blue Rose Ornament

– Costume Open Air Headset

– Costume Robotics Watcher

– Costume Costume Side Roll Pony

– Costume Cyber Cat Ear Headphones

– Costume Cyber Income

– Costume Blinking Blue Eyes

– Costume Blue Beanie

– Costume Blue Drooping Cat

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