Gameplay Update 3.0j : Old Glast Heim


Gameplay Update

Memorial Dungeon Update

New Memorial Dungeon : Old Glast Heim

Old Glast Heim (OGH) is an instance dungeon in Ragnarok Online, introduced as part of the storyline related to the fallen city of Glast Heim. In this dungeon, players encounter strong monsters and challenging bosses.

The dungeon features a storyline mode, where players travel back in time to the old Glast Heim to explore and uncover the mysteries behind its fall. There are related quests and a variety of valuable rewards, such as rare cards and equipment that are essential for character development and enhancement.

To enter Old Glast Heim, players generally need to be of a high level, and it is often recommended to have a well-coordinated team to successfully navigate and complete the dungeon.

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Event Update

MVP Hunting Season

The individual competition you’ve been waiting for is here! Compete to earn numerous rewards by hunting MVPs within the server.
If you can’t wait to win these rewards, start by checking out the guide and information below.

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System Updates

WoE Classic Castles

Starting Every Thursday, the classic WoE (War of Emperium) mode will be available. Winning in this mode gives you the right to open Treasure Chests, but you won’t be able to upgrade Tech.

The rewards for holding a Classic Castle include items delivered to ROdex: 100 [WoE]White Potion  and 50 [WoE]Blue Potion for the entire guild. These supplies can be used in the Sunday war.

On Sundays, the Great war will continue with Season 2 Castles, and the rewards will remain the same.

Miscellaneous Changes & Bug Fixes

– Added Mining Tool to the Izlude Tools Dealer.
– Disabled freya storage due to expiration.
– Fixed Schmidt’s Taekwondo Robe can be equippable by Star Gladiators and Soul Linkers.
– Fixed the Costume Giant’s Helm cannot enchanted by Malangdo Enchant.
– Fixed the Costume Valkyrie Spear cannot enchanted by Malangdo Enchant.
– Fixed the Costume Labrys Axe cannot enchanted by Malangdo Enchant.
– Fixed the Costume Valkyries Wings cannot enchanted by Malangdo Enchant.
– Fixed the Costume Rune Helm cannot enchanted by Malangdo Enchant.
– Fixed the automated system that bypassed skill delay again T-T.

Moonstoneshop Updates

Added : Bow Mastery Scroll
Removed : Mad Bunny Scroll

Costume Collection

– C Bow on Back : Collection effect : Hit +3

Gachapon Recycle

– Costume Bow on Back – 10 Bow Mastery Scroll
– Hunting Cap[1] – 10 Bow Mastery Scroll
– Fancy Feather Hat[1] – 10 Bow Mastery Scroll
– Feather In Mouth – 5 Bow Mastery Scroll
– Smokie Transformation Leaf [1] – 5 Bow Mastery Scroll
– Musketeer Hat [1] – 3 Bow Mastery Scroll
– Super Cute Doll Hat – 3 Bow Mastery Scroll
– Bird Nest Hat – 2 Bow Mastery Scroll
– Darkness Eyes – 2 Bow Mastery Scroll

New Whitelist

– Costume Bow on Back
– Hunting Cap[1]
– Fancy Feather Hat[1]
– Feather In Mouth
– Smokie Transformation Leaf [1]
– Musketeer Hat [1]
– Super Cute Doll Hat
– Bird Nest Hat
– Darkness Eyes
– Archer Shadow Pendant
– Archer Earring Shadow

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