Ragnarok Landverse Memorial Dungeon Old Glast Heim


Old Glast Heim (OGH) is an instance dungeon in Ragnarok Online, introduced as part of the storyline related to the fallen city of Glast Heim. In this dungeon, players encounter strong monsters and challenging bosses.
The dungeon features a storyline mode, where players travel back in time to the old Glast Heim to explore and uncover the mysteries behind its fall. There are related quests and a variety of valuable rewards, such as rare cards and equipment that are essential for character development and enhancement.

To enter Old Glast Heim, players generally need to be of a high level. It is often recommended to follow the steps below to complete the dungeon.


Level requirement: LV 90 and above
Resets daily at 00:00 (GMT + 8)
Cooldown is Account Bound
Parties are required for Memorial Dungeon or be in a party before starting the quest
Total time limit: 1 hour and 30 minutes (if exceeded, characters will be ejected to the save point)
Monsters mostly consist of Undead & Instance types
Rewards: Temporal Crystal, Coagulated Spell (for crafting and enhancing Temporal Boots’ attributes)

Memorial Dungeon walkthrough

The party leader should talk to Hugin and select “Generate time gap” to create the dungeon.

Once ready, all party members should talk to Hugin and choose “Enter Old Glast Heim.

First, head to the Glash Heim map (have the party leader initiate conversation). Once inside, speak with Barmunt. Afterward, proceed further inside and talk to Henrich.

After the conversation ends, Abysmal Knights and Khalitzburgs will appear. However, there is no need to defeat them, as Henrich will take care of them.
Wait until a message appears saying, “A portal has opened to the west” Then, proceed to deal with all the monsters inside.

Deal with the monsters until a message appears saying, “The curse of Himelmez weakens from banishing the undead.”

NPC Altar boy Domun will emerge. Have the party leader talk to him. Once done, the right door of the map will open.

Upon reaching the door to the third room on the right, proceed inside and handle the monsters as before. However, beware of the corpses lying around. If we approach them, worms will emerge and attack us in groups of 2-5, depending on how decayed the corpse is.

Deal with the monsters until a message appears saying, “The curse of Himelmez weakens from banishing the undead.” 

NPC Holgren Destroyer will emerge. Have the party leader talk to him. Once done, the upper door of the map will open.”

6.When entering the warp at the top of the map, proceed to handle the monsters as usual. In this third stage, the monsters will attack with significantly greater force, so it’s advisable to have a tank leading the way.
Once all the monsters are dealt with, a message will appear saying, “Not bad. Thought you would be dead by now” then you move to the top of the map

Dialog :  Follow me at the north of the castle i want to see how lucky you are. 

After the conversation is concluded, prepare to deal with the boss!
Caution: If your character dies at the moment the boss is defeated, you will not receive any items.

Once the boss is defeated, talk to Barmunt. He will reward you with 1 Temporal Crystal and 1 Coagulated Spell.
(If you forget to talk to him at this stage, you will not be able to receive them after defeating the second boss.)

Enter the warp at the top, and have the party leader approach the NPC. There will be a dialogue between the party leader and the NPC. 

Once the NPC finishes speaking, both sides of the warp will open up. enter the both side and defeated monsters and 1st and 2nd commander
Please refrain from eliminating any more monsters once the Mini Boss appears as the Boss will respawn randomly

After defeating both bosses on both sides, return to the warp. Proceed towards the upper part of the map, and you can enter without any further hindrance.
Once you’ve entered the warp, proceed straight ahead towards the upper part of the map. Engage in a brief conversation with Himelmez, and shortly after, a boss will emerge.

You’ll handle it! Fight the boss, and whatever you do, make sure not to die just as the boss is about to go down. If you die at that crucial moment, you won’t receive any rewards.
Once the boss is defeated, talk to Hugin. He’ll reward you with 1 Temporal Crystal and 1 Coagulated Spell. (On the first run, you’ll receive 5 of each.)
Caution: If your character dies at the moment the boss is defeated or forget to talk with Hugin from the first boss, you will not receive any items.

If you talk to Hugin again, you will be able to warp out of Memorial Dungeon.
(But before you leave the Memorial Dungeon, don’t forget to enter the Challenge Room to get more rewards.)

You can enter the Challenge Room by following these steps:

The party leader should head to the fountain at the top right corner of the map. There, you’ll find a hidden entrance.

Once inside, look for the statue. It will randomly award you a Coagulated Spell. Once the conversation ends, each pillar will conclude the quest hidden entrance!

Monster Stats

How to Exchange Temporal Boots and Upgrade Temporal Boots

1.When players exchange for Temporal Boots, they need 1 Temporal Crystal per pair of Temporal Boots.1.
2.When players upgrade Temporal Boots, they require 5 Temporal Crystals per upgrade.
3.Players have the option to choose which type of Temporal Boots they want to upgrade to: Temporal Str Boots, Temporal Int Boots, Temporal Agi Boots, Temporal Vit Boots, Temporal Dex Boots, or Temporal Luk Boots.

Boots that available

Process Steps Enchant Option Temporal Boots

1.After upgrading Temporal Boots, players can enchant them at NPC Hugin’s Magic Master.
Players will need to use Coagulated Spell (as specified by the upgrade level), Adamantine Blessing (as specified by the upgrade level), and 1,000,000 Zeny.

There is a chance of failure, and the item will be destroyed every time you enchant!!

Special Option will be randomly selected on the 5th attempt!!

Process Socket Boots Temporal Boots

1.Players can socket their Temporal Boots at NPC Hugin’s craftsman.

Socketing Temporal Boots
After upgrading the desired Temporal Boots, insert them into your character’s inventory and speak to NPC Hugin’s craftsman.


*There is a chance of failure during socketing, and the item will be destroyed!!
*Temporal Boots that have been enchanted, when socketed with an NPC, will lose all enchantments.
*Socketed Temporal Boots cannot be enchanted!!
*It costs 1,000,000 Zeny and 500 Adamantine Blessings to socket the boots.

Card that can drop from this dungeon


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