Ragnarok Landverse : Rachel Sanctuary Donate Event


Support Rachel Sanctuary! Donate and receive rewards from February 12th to 19th, 2024, at 2 PM (GMT+8).

Together, let’s unlock the sacred land. With a donation of 500 million Zeny, gain permanent access to the Rachel dungeon!

How to Participate:

1. Donate Zeny: Donate Zeny to the NPC in front of the Sanctuary entrance.
2. Claim Rewards: After the dungeon opens, all participants can claim rewards based on their donation amount.
Donations will be closed immediately upon reaching the required amount.(500M zeny)

Donation Amount Reward
≥ 5,000,000 Zeny Enriched Elunium x1
Enriched Oridecon x1
≥ 1,000,000 Zeny Adamantine Blessing x100
≥ 100,000 Zeny Field Manual & Bubble Gum x2


VIPs can donate ETC items to contribute to the Rachel Sanctuary fund.
The maximum daily donation for VIPs is 100k Zeny, similar to Guild donations.


– The real-time donation total will be displayed.
– You must have donation for Rachel Sanctuary to claim rewards.
– Rewards can be claimed after the dungeon opens.
– The old donation amount will be added as well.
– Donation amounts not divisible by 50,000 will be rounded down.

For more information about Rachel Sanctuary NPC and donate Please Click “Link

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