New Expansion Update: Rachel


Experience the elegance of Rachel,Uncover Dungeon Quests and rewards within the Rachel capital by visiting Rachel

The newly accessible area in the Ragnarok Landverse is now ready for you to explore.
To visit Rachel, simply board the airship in Izlude or Juno. Reap the rewards before anyone else as you adventure with your friends today.

New area that unlock
Rachel Sanctuary
Ice Dungeon

Rachel Sanctuary

Uncover the mystery of the Holy Grounds hidden beneath the Chechrumnir Temple, a secret known only to Rachel’s top officials.

Delve into a nation’s hidden truths, where intense faith drives its followers. 

How to access Rachel Sanctuary

1. You start by visiting the temple where you can talk to NPC Nemma (ra_temple 116, 174). Additionally, you have the option to enter the Sanctuary to speak with Panno for exchanging vouchers, or with High Priest Zhed for the Lost Child Quest.

2. Nema asks for a donation of 50,000 Zeny to the sanctuary. When you make a donation, you receive a voucher. This voucher can be redeemed for a random item by visiting Panno inside the Sanctuary.

3. The sanctuary will be locked once 10,000 donations are made server-wide, not individually. This means that the total amount of Zeny needed to unlock the quest and access the dungeon is 500,000,000 Zeny contributed by players across the server.

4. Once the collective donation goal is reached, the quest becomes available to start.
And for access Rachel Sanctuary adventure will need to clear Rachel Sanctuary Quest before enter 

NPC Nemma (ra_temple 116, 174)

How to access Rachel Sanctuary without contributed 500,000,000 Zeny

Within the Ragnarok Landverse, there is a way to access Rachel Sanctuary without contributing 500,000,000 Zeny. Find the NPC Suspicious Follower (located at ra_temin 35, 314), who is at the entrance of Rachel Sanctuary.
He will ask you to give him a Temple Lottery, as he is addicted to gacha. If you have leftover Temple Lottery, you can give it to him, and he will send you to Rachel Sanctuary.


You can make a donation of 50,000 Zeny to the sanctuary through NPC Nemma (located at ra_temple 116, 174) and receive a Temple Lottery.
You can only access Rachel Sanctuary via the NPC, Suspicious Follower, during event times.



Ice Dungeon

Venture into the Ice Dungeon, located in the northern Arunafeltz tundra, known for its frozen landscape and carnivorous plants.

Discover a mysterious ice cave, home to a variety of ice monsters. Deep within lies Thor’s magical fire seal, guarded by the formidable Ice Salamander, Ktullanux.

Dungeon mechanics

To summon Ktullanux in the dungeon, players are required to complete a specific quest.
This summoning can only be performed once by each player. Upon the defeat of Ktullanux, portals will emerge near the map’s center, granting temporary access to the dungeon’s 4th floor.
This level is devoid of monsters, but it holds the secret that Ktullanux was guarding. After Ktullanux’s defeat, Thor’s Fire will rekindle in 2 hours.
Players must wait for all four fires to reignite before they can summon Ktullanux again.


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