Ragnarok Landverse : Rebalance for Class 2-1 & 2-2 Latest Updates and Improvements


Introducing Recent Balance Enhancements for Ragnarok Landverse

Reflecting on community feedback, we have applied updates aimed at optimizing the balance within Rune Midgard, with a special emphasis on adjusting the status and skills of Classes 2-1 and 2-2.

Table of contents

Status Rebalance
Skill Rebalance class 2-1

Skill Rebalance class 2-2

Status Rebalance

The maximum resistance for element has been capped to 85%.
The maximum resistance for race has been capped at 85%.
The maximum resistance for size has been capped at 85%.

Skill Rebalance class 2-1

  • Wizard

In response to player feedback, we have made adjustments to certain Wizard skills, particularly those with excessively long casting durations and those that present challenges in Automated play.
Our goal is to enhance the overall quality of gameplay for Wizards, offering alternative options in Automated play to introduce more variety and excitement.

Fire Pillar – now be cast under the enemy feet, damaging enemies, except in War of Emperium (WOE) maps.

  • Hunter (Bow User)

Hunters excel in quickly dispatching enemies with their powerful skills, capable of eliminating foes in a matter of seconds.
However, their weakness lies in the range during Automated play.
To address this, we have enhanced the Archer class, particularly the Falcon Hunter, by extending their attack range.
This improvement aims to make Falcon Hunters more effective and enjoyable in Automated gameplay.

  • Knight

In our continuous efforts to enhance the Knight class and make it more effective in party play,
especially focusing on their primary attack skill, we are introducing significant improvements.
The goal is to make the leveling process less challenging and provide a more formidable and swift offensive capability for Knights.

  • Blacksmith

Blacksmiths, often considered monotonous in their playstyle regardless of the chosen class, have received a new skill to inject more fun and interest into their gameplay.

New Quest skill – Axe Throwing

– Throws an axe at the enemy (ranged).
– Single-target attack.
– Costs 12 SP.
– Exclusive to characters wielding a two-handed axe.

Players can unlock the “Axe Throwing” quest skill by visiting /navi geffen_in 145,171.
To initiate the quest, players must carry a weapon from the following types.
An interact with the NPC, and the weapon will not be consumed during the quest.

Dagger / Sword / 2Handed Sword / Spear / 2Handed Spear Axe/ 2Handed Axe / Mace /
Staff(Rod) / 2Handed-Staff/ Bow / Fist / Guitar / Whip / Book / Katar

  • Assassin

As the Assassin class is already performing well, the potential of this class lies significantly in the character’s equipped gear.
With sufficiently high-quality equipment, Assassins can consistently top the damage charts in the game.
In this patch, there are no specific changes made to this class.

  • Priest

The Priest class has excelled in providing outstanding support and disruption capabilities in combat.
However, certain skills have proven unnecessary in the game, leading newer players to make unintended skill investments.
To streamline and refine the Priest class, we have decided to remove one such skill.

Skill Rebalance class 2-2

  • Crusader

The Crusader class has consistently ranked among the top in terms of DPS in the game, with no apparent drawbacks if played correctly.
To introduce more strategic thinking into their gameplay and diversify their approach, we’ve added additional conditions.
Additionally, we’ve reduced the cooldowns of certain skills to encourage different playstyles.

  • Sage

Sages, known for their versatile utility, have faced challenges due to extended cast times.
To enhance their playability and make Sage gameplay more enjoyable, we’ve reduced the casting times of several skills.

  • Bard & Dancer

Bards and Dancers, stemming from the Archer class, found themselves with similar skills post-class change.
To diversify their gameplay, we’ve adjusted the functionality of certain skills, making it possible for both classes to explore new playstyles.

Dissonance & Ugly Dance

– Both skills now function similarly.
– Can now be used in all maps, not restricted to GvG.

Skill Details:

– Non-elemental attack skill.
– Cannot be blocked.
– Damage based on Matk.
– Variable Casting Time (VCT): 2 seconds.
– Fixed Casting Time (FCT): 1 second.
– Knockback: 3 cells.
– Number of Hits:
Level 1: 3 hits
Level 2: 4 hits
Level 3: 5 hits
Level 4: 6 hits
Level 5: 7 hits
– SP Cost:
Level 1: 35 SP
Level 2: 38 SP
Level 3: 41 SP
Level 4: 44 SP
Level 5: 47 SP
– Can only be used while wielding musical instruments or whip.

  • Alchemist

Several skills of the Alchemist class had excessively long casting times, not aligning with the current game pace.
We’ve made adjustments to facilitate easier gameplay and reduced equipment costs related to Homunculus, making it more accessible for players.

  • Rogue

Known for their stealthy and deadly attacks, Rogues faced challenges due to the overall strength of other classes.
We’ve made improvements to make them more agile and versatile.

  • Monk

Monks, devoted disciples, experienced prolonged casting times affecting their overall effectiveness.
We’ve improved their ability to cast quickly and balanced certain skills to allow other classes to retaliate more effectively.

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During this period, you have the opportunity to reset your skills and stats at no cost! For additional information, please [Click here].

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