Gameplay Update 2.0c : X’mas Seasonal


Balance Changes

MVP Rebalance

We’ve revamped the MVP hunting experience to bring in a new and improved format that promises more excitement and exclusive rewards for all adventurers.

Guild Wars Enhancement and WOE Supply Update

We’re thrilled to announce significant enhancements to Guild Wars and rewards distribution, ensuring everyone’s contributions are duly recognized and rewarded.

Upon the conclusion of a Guild War session, players within the victorious guild, who owned castles, and remained online until the end of the Guild War, will receive rewards via RODex (Mailbox). Rewards will be distributed according to the castles owned. For instance, owning 2 castles entitles guild members to claim rewards for 2 sets.

Please ensure inventory and character weight are clear before receiving rewards. Also, note that failure to claim rewards due to a full RODex mailbox may result in missing rewards.

Rewards :

  • x50 Adamantine Blessing
  • x3 Advanced WoE Supply Box
  • x5 Elunium
  • x5 Oridecon

WOE Warper

During Guild War periods, players can warp to different castles by using ROverse Manual Book for a fee of 2,500 Zeny.
Additionally, utilizing this service grants players an Increase Agi Level 10 and Blessing Level 10 buff.

Guild Contribution

For VIP members, guild donations now include the choice to donation ETC items. Donating these items will yield guild points equivalent to the item’s original sale price.
Each account can donate ETC items up to a maximum of 100,000 Guild EXP per day.

These updates aim to create a more inclusive and rewarding experience for all guild members participating in Guild Wars. Your dedication and commitment to your guild are truly appreciated, and we hope these changes enhance your gameplay within Ragnarok!

Content Updates

Geffen Town of snow

Experience the winter wonderland as Geffen Town is now enveloped in a blanket of snow. Explore the town’s new snowy landscape and immerse yourself in the seasonal ambiance.

New Classes

(Hela) New Classes : Bard and Dancer
(Freya) New Class : Sage

Winner Voter, congratulations!
The reward for voting. You can claim this reward through an NPC, except for the highest voter, the reward will be sent via RODEX.

Daily VIP Supply

VIP players now have the privileges to claim daily items set through the Manual Book:
– [Event] Automatic Player 6H x1
– [Event] Unlimited Fly Wing 2H x1
– [Event] Battle Manual and Bubble Gum x1
– [Event] Small Mana Potion x1
– [Event] Blessing Ore Convex Mirror x1

Automatic Player

NEW : Auto Accept Party Request – Automatically accept party requests for smoother gameplay.

Consumable Usages Updates

– [Event] Mental Potion
– [Event] Bubble Gum
– [Event] Battle Manual and Bubble Gum

Added NPC : Mergician

He can merge items taking up multiple slots in a player’s inventory. (In the minter room)

Miscellaneous Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Enchanter – will ask you to confirm before enchanting.
  • Time Keeper items can now be sold to NPCs.
  • Fixed a bug where Title – Starter did not provide +1 All Stats.
  • Fixed a bug where offline players cannot be kicked inside the Tower of Tides.
  • 2-2 Starter Packs can now be put in storage.

Moonstone Shop Updates

Now Following items can be traded.
VIP Coupon 30 Days
Hidden Square Reset Pass
Santa Box
Guild Revenge Ticket
Tower of Tides Ticket
Character Position Change Coupon
Neuralizer Box
Silvervine 4 Box
Silvervine 10 Box
Silvervine 40 Box

Event Updates

Code Expried : 31/12/2023 23.59 (GMT+8)

Added XMas Seasonal Event
(Freya) Guild Level Up Milestone Event Has ended.
Sanctuary Premiere has ended.

Gachapon Recycle

Added – X’Mas Scroll Recycle

C Gift of Snow – 10 ea
Captain’s Hat [1] – 10 ea
Cyclop’s Eye – 5 ea
Fish In Mouth – 5 ea
Kettle Hat – 3 ea
Snowman Hat [1] – 3 ea
Santa Poring Hat [1] – 3 ea
Shaving Cream – 2 ea


NEW : Flash Deal VI – 2499 Moonstone [END]
1x [Event] VIP Coupon 30 Days
1x [Event] Automatic Player Box 7 Days

NEW : [Dec] Step Spending III 

Top-Up Milestone Event IV [Promotion] Has ended.


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