Gameplay Update 2.0a – The capital of the Arunafeltz


Gameplay Update 2.0a

Balance Changes


“Blacksmith’s ability to farm differed too much between non-PK map and PK maps. We are giving back AoE attack to Mammonite in non WoE maps.”

Mammonite Mammonite

Splash Area: single target in PVP areas -> AoE in all areas except in WoE castle



Due to this boss spawning excessively in multiple locations, we’ve restricted its spawn to a single designated point. This change aligns with the system modifications we’ll implement for MVPs in the future.

Atroce will now spawn exclusively in the Audhumbla Grassland ra_fild04.

Content Updates


It has just started snowing in Prontera and Geffen.

New Area

Arriving with the latest patch are new locations, including the prestigious city of Rachel and a brand-new icy dungeon (perfectly fitting for the winter season). With this update, we hope you’ll enjoy embarking on adventures in these fresh environments.

Rachel, the capital of the Arunafeltz

Rachel Field – (Sorry for dev graphic skill)

Ice Cave Dungeon

New System: Shrine (Link Soon)

Would you like to see new systems?
Are you interested in new gameplay mechanics to make leveling in the same old maps more engaging?
Here it is! The Shrine System, a new dimension of Ragnarok. You can now experience and participate in it within the Ragnarok Landverse.

In every Field and Dungeon map, there will be special locations called Shrines. Each Shrine will grant players different abilities and buffs upon interaction.

When touched, a player will receive a special buff known as a ‘Super Buff’ that lasts for a certain duration, varying in effects and abilities for each Shrine. However, once you receive a buff from one Shrine, you won’t be able to receive buffs from any Shrine for the next 10 minutes.

Upon changing maps, the buff will immediately disappear.

This system aims to encourage active gameplay by rewarding players who engage with their screens, enhancing their character’s abilities to better deal with adversaries effortlessly.

New Battle Pass

In this season’s Battle Pass, we’ve responded wholeheartedly by introducing two passes for you to choose from. You can now pick your path and decide which Pass suits your preferences.

NEW: Battle Pass SS II – Quest

NEW: Battle Pass SS II – Premium

2-2 Classes Vote

Here come the new classes, but diving right in might not be as thrilling. We want you to be involved in deciding which class comes first. Your vote will come with rewarding incentives. Which class will take the lead? The choice is yours!

December 2023 Daily Attendance

Just like every month, we have some small gifts for you this month too, if you log in and play the game every day. We hope you’ll enjoy receiving these little goodies as you play.

NPC Updates

Santa: You can meet him at /navi izlude 122/213

Item Updates

Added: Monster Loot Box XIII

Added: Blessing Ore Convex Mirror

Miscellaneous Changes & Bug Fixes

Tower of Tides

  • The party leader can now choose to remove all offline party members and online party member who is outside the tower from the party.
  • Entry cooldown and Adamantine Blessing cooldown now always resets at midnight. (Cooldown period is still 3 days)

Other Changes

  • Malangdo Costume enchant NPCs now allow you to enchant Costume Eremes Scarf (Black) and Costume Adventure Cat Bag
  • Guild skill “Emergency Call” now respects /call setting set by guild members.

Moonstone Shop Updates

Removed : Battle Pass SS I

NEW : Battle Pass SS II – Quest

NEW : Battle Pass SS II – Premium


Flash Deal : 75% Battle Manual Box has ended

New : First Refil IV


New : Top Up Milestone Event IV


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