Gameplay Update 2.0 : War of Emperium


Balance Changes


We felt that Blacksmiths performed too well in the First War event that we just held. 3×3 AoE skill that can be spammed is just too good and does not match with Blacksmith’s single target damage dealer identity.
However, we still think it is a good thing to for merchants to have in PvE environment if they want to spend their zeny.

Mammonite Mammonite

Splash Area: 1 cell around primary target -> single target in PVP areas.


Knights did not perform up to our expectations in the First War event. But a tank with too much damage is the last thing we want to have running around.
After a few experiments we decided to go with a subtle cooldown decrease first. We will continue to monitor how they perform and continue to adjust this class accordingly.

 Brandish Spear

Cooldown: 1 second -> 0.75 second

 Bowling Bash

Cooldown: 1 second -> 0.75 second


Hunter performed according to our expectations in both PK areas and the First War. However, we felt that invisible trap is a little too hard to deal with in the game’s current state.

Trap skills

Visibility: Hidden -> Always shown


Content Updates

NFT Helper

Back from holiday.

WoE Schedule

As a reminder, regular WoE Schedule is Thursday 21.00 – 23.00 & Sunday 21.00 – 23.00. Times are in SGT (UTC+8).

Malangdo Island

Can you hear the meowing sound from afar? Talk to Dolangmal and Odgnalam to learn more about Malangdo Island.
You can find Dolangmal in most towns in Rune-Midgarts area. Odgnalam can be found sleeping near Alberta’s docks and Izlude’s port.

Malangdo Island is an island that a merchant group “Cat Hand Group” crash landed on and inhabited since. Visit the island to see what those cats may offer you.

Learn more. Click here

Malangdo Costume Exchange & Enchantment

The cats on Malangdo Island seem to like an exotic fruit called Silvervine Fruit. You can even trade it with them for many valuable items!
Visit Designer Heidam’s house on the left of Malangdo to see what he offers in exchange for those Silvervines.

Learn more. Click here


Item Updates

New: Lovely Bunny Scroll Click here

New: Landverse Enchant Stone Box 1 Click here

New: Silvervine Boxes

You can find these Silvervine Fruit Boxes in the Moonstone Shop. It comes with Malang SP Can that can instantly warp you to Malangdo Island.

WoE White Potion

Price: 1,000 zeny -> 500 zeny


Miscellaneous Changes & Bug Fixes

Automated players can no longer be warped when stepping on Warp Portal skill.

Chat spamming can now cause your character to be muted.

Fixed a bug where players will warp to their save point when their Automatic Player item expires even while not using it.

Fixed an issue where a player could block Lighthalzen Pickpocket mini quest and prevent other players from doing the quest.
Suspicious Guy NPC has also been updated to only sell Speed Potions to only one player per iteration of the quest.

Added more duplicates for Cash Sales Guide in towns.
Also fixed the bug where players will be warped to Prontera instead of the town they previously were in.

The following maps can now be returned to via land exit warp.

  • alde_gld
  • gef_fild13
  • prt_gld
  • pay_gld
  • sch_gld
  • aru_gld

Taking and dealing damage in War of Emperium no longer incur any teleport delay.

Fixed [L] Eddga Egg description to match server side script.



Removed Pumpkin Candy Scroll
Added Lovely Bunny Scroll

Added Silvervine Fruit Box (4)
Added Silvervine Fruit Box (10)
Added Silvervine Fruit Box (40)


GACHAPON RECYCLE – Lovely Bunny Scroll

C Giant White Rabbit – x10 Lovely Bunny Scroll
Ribbon Of Bride – x10 Lovely Bunny Scroll
Blush Of Groom – x5 Lovely Bunny Scroll
Rabbit Magic Hat – x5 Lovely Bunny Scroll
Rabbit Bonnet [1] – x3 Lovely Bunny Scroll
Black Bunny Band – x3 Lovely Bunny Scroll
Rabbit Ribbon – x3 Lovely Bunny Scroll
Abacus In Mouth – x2 Lovely Bunny Scroll
Drooping Bunny – x2 Lovely Bunny Scroll


Collection System

Added C Giant White Rabbit
Receive 1% less damage from small size monster



NEW: Flash Deal V – 75% Battle Manual Box

Period: November 27th – December 4th. 2PM (GMT+8)


Final GM thoughts

In this week’s patch, aside from the new contents, the development team is focusing on addressing bugs and annoyances our players have reported. We are also looking closely at the WoE balances.
With 2-2 classes still not released, we are taking a careful approach on 2-1 classes to prepare for the eventual release of 2-2 classes. Those will shake things up for sure.

I hope you enjoy dressing your character up and also get stronger from costumes in our Malangdo Island release. Also, some facilities on the island are not released, yet. Please wait for our official announcements when they come out.

Signing off, Maru.