Turn your Silvervine into a costume with the Malangdo Costume


The new update not only adds costumes but also introduces hidden power-ups🔥 to make your costumes Beautiful & powerful with Costume Enchantment Stones
Before enhancing your game, let’s first check the list of Malangdo Costumes and learn how to update!

List of Malangdo Costumes

Where to exchange Costumes and how?

You can exchange 3 Silvervine Fruits6417.png for a random Malangdo Costume at Malangdo Island with NPC Designer Heidam. Simply navigate to /navi malangdo 116/151.

After obtaining a Mystery Malangdo Costume, you will need to use either the item Magnifier or the skill Item Appraisal to identify your costume.

🌟Costumes highlight


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