Halloween Event



Story Quest Introduction:

In the ghostly town of Payon, Hazel seeks assistance to locate
a lost child’s missing brother,Ethan, during the eerieHalloween night. The journey leads players to confront malevolent spirits,ultimately restoring peace and balance.

Main Objective:

Find the missing brother, Ethan, help him mine by clearing away spirits, and ensure both siblings are reunited.


  • Pumpkin Candy Scroll x5
  • access to Hazel’s Daily Quest.

From 23rd October – 5th November 2PM (GMT+8)

Daily Quest Introduction:

Complete the daily quest by defeating evil spirits
and collect Evil Cookies, which can be exchanged for various items at the Halloween Shop during this event.

Main Objective:
Collect Evil Cookies for exchange for many special items.

Evil Cookies 20 each
+10 more Evil Cookies for VIP users
+10 more Evil Cookies for Battle Pass users

From 23rd October – 5th November 2PM (GMT+8)


The daily quest will be unlocked when you complete the story quest Hazel the Haunted.
You can do up to 4 quests a day and it will reset every day at 12:00 PM (GMT+8).

Quest lists:
– Kill 10 Evil Spirit
– Kill 10 Pumpkin Spirit
– Give Spirit Candy x10
– Give Rotten Pumpkin x10

Quest Reward:
– 20 Evil Cookie per quest
– 10 more each for VIP user
– another 10 more for Battle Pass user
Users can start their daily quest at Hazel the Haunted (payon 253/155)
From 23rd October – 5th November 2PM (GMT+8)


Items Information

Please Noted items from Halloween Shop can’t be trade or exchange

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