Ragnarok Landverse New Area 4.0 Dewata


Map introduction

Venture into a mystical map inspired by Indonesia. Welcome to Dewata, an island of wonders where two worlds meet. Here, a vibrant community embraces the outside world, while a proud tribe preserves ancient warrior traditions. As you step onto the island, a city cradled by nature greets you. Friendly locals eagerly share stories of their rich culture and heritage, drawing you into their way of life.

But beyond this serene city lies the realm of the Jaty Tribe. In these lands, time stands still, and ancient customs thrive. To explore further, you must earn the trust of the Jaty people. Only then can you venture into Dewata’s more treacherous regions.
One such perilous place is the area surrounding the formidable Karakatau Volcano, where deadly Comodo Lizards dwell. The island is alive with legends, waiting for those brave enough to uncover them. Are you ready to embrace the adventure that Dewata offers?

Dewata can be accessed from Alberta by speaking to Dewata Sailor on the docks /navi alberta 239, 47 There is a 10,000 Zeny fee to set sail.

Story Quest

※Players need to complete the story quest to unlock the following features:
– Dewata Nightmare Factory Access [Coming in the next update]
– Instance Dungeon : Boss [Coming in the next update]
– Weekly Quest [Coming in the next update]
– Exchange Shop [Coming in the next update]
– Dewata Legend Shop  [Coming in the next update]

1. Go to Dewata Field (dew_fild01 60,273) and a dialog will appear. You’ll hear two people talking about their inability to produce the Jaty Crown, which can only be created by a noble person.

2. After listening to the conversation, enter the portal ahead.

3. Talk to Sage Kasyapa and tell him you overheard the story of the crown. Offer to help him, and he will suggest you speak with the tribal leader, Paiko.

4. Talk to Paiko and tell him that you overheard the story by accident.

5. After the conversation with Paiko, move just a few cells south (near the fireplace and portal) and a dialog will appear. You will overhear them talking about how you can help create the Jaty Crown.

6. Return to Paiko and offer to help make the Jaty Crown. Speak to Sage Kasyapa, who will ask you to gather 15 Cendrawasih Feathers.

7. After collecting the feathers, talk to Sage Kasyapa, and he will give you a Noble Sendrawash’s Feather as certification.

※Now, you can start the Traditional Weapon Quest and explore the Krakatau Volcano.

8. Talk to Paiko, and he will ask you to deliver food to specific people. He will give you 2 Satays for each person. You need to return to Paiko after each delivery.

The people you need to deliver to are:

8.1 Tribal Soldier (dew_fild01 78, 288)

8.2 Tribal Manager (dew_fild01 185, 300)

8.3 Krakatau Gatekeeper (dewata 235, 56)

8.4 Borobudur Temple Guard (dewata 78, 192)

9. After delivering the satay to the temple guard, return to Paiko to end the quest and unlock new features in the EP 4.0 update.

🌟Items highlighted that can drop in this update:

*The drop chance for Hunting Spear [1] has been removed from monster drop in this patch.

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