Ragnarok Landverse New Area 4.0 Brasilis


Map introduction

Brimming with colossal plants and trees, Brasilis boasts a tropical climate that lures botanists and tourists from Rune Midgard. Here, flora and fauna flourish with unparalleled vigor, creating a paradise of natural wonders. But beneath its serene exterior lies a realm of mystery and unease. Just like its real-world counterpart, Brasilis is a place of exotic beauty and hidden darkness, enticing adventurous spirits from afar.

Legend speaks of Iara, a woman who met her fate at Brasilis’ great waterfalls, transforming into a mermaid who lures native men to their doom. Townsfolk dismiss this as a mere tale to frighten children, yet whispers of truth linger. Travelers with loved ones are cautioned to remain in town, as even young boys aren’t safe from the eerie mysteries that lurk in the night.

Upon arrival, prepare to be captivated by Brasilis’ breathtaking sights, especially the melodious roar of its magnificent waterfalls.

Brasilis can be accessed from Alberta by speaking to Crewman on the docks /navi alberta 240, 69 There is a 10,000 Zeny fee to set sail.

Story Quest

※Players need to complete the story quest to unlock the following features:
– Brasilis Dungeon Access [Coming in the next update]
– Instance Dungeon : Boss [Coming in the next update]
– Weekly Quest [Coming in the next update]
– Exchange Shop [Coming in the next update]
– Brasilis Shop [Coming in the next update]

1. Visit the Fruit Gardener (brasilis 221, 128) and purchase a Coconut.
– Tip: Consider buying multiple coconuts since step 5 is based on random chance.

2. Head to the center of Brasilis and speak with the group of kids (brasilis 181, 250).
– Inquire about the gossip, and they will mention a ghost in the museum bathroom.
– Continue the conversation until one of them provides you with a set of spells.

3. Go to the Museum (brasilis 148, 160). Once inside, walk straight ahead to find the Curator (bra_in01 9, 181).
– He will initially prevent you from entering the bathroom.
– Give him the coconut, and he will allow you to enter.

4. Inside the bathroom, examine the following five items in order: Door > Toilet > Faucet > Carpet > Mirror.

– Examining the door:
– Type: “Mother the door won’t open!”
– Turn the key seven times.

– Examining the toilet:
– Use the toilet.
– Type: “Mother the water is flooding!”
– Flush the toilet three times.

– Examining the faucet:
– Check the faucet.
– Type: “Mother the drought has started!”
– Turn on the water once (choose the second option).

– Examining the carpet:
– Look at the carpet.
– Type: “Mother where are my friends?”
– Shake the carpet seven times.

– Examining the mirror:
– Look into the mirror.
– Type: “Where are you mom?”

5. A ghost will appear. Remove the bandage from her eyes.
– Note: A dice roll will occur above both your head and the ghost’s head.
– If your number is lower, the ghost will take half of your HP/SP and send you outside the bathroom.
– The numbers are random, so repeat steps 3-4 until you win the dice roll.

6. You will be transported to a sewer pipe. Move forward until you see the Open Manhole.
– Click the Open Manhole, and the ghost will reappear and share her story. You will receive 135,000 Base EXP.

7. Click the Open Manhole again to enter the Brasilis Dungeon.

8. You can now freely access the Brasilis Dungeon through the toilet in the museum bathroom.

🌟Items highlighted that can drop in this update:

🌟Items that have been removed from monster drops

Hurricane’s Fury [1]
Inverse Scale [0]
Headless Mule Card
Crimson Katar [2]
Crimson Knuckle [2]
Scalpel [3]
Hunting Spear [1]

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