Gameplay Update 4.0 – Brasilis & Dewata


Gameplay Updates

New Area #1


Discovered by the explorer Verass, Brasilis is known for its enormous plants and trees, set in a tropical climate. This distinctive environment attracts botanists and tourists from Rune Midgard, as the local flora and fauna grow more robustly than anywhere else. However, beneath its stunning and serene exterior, the locals harbor fears about the mysteries the region holds. Much like the country it’s inspired by, Brasilis offers both exotic allure and dark enigma to adventurous visitors.

According to legend, a woman named Iara perished at the majestic waterfalls of Brasilis, transforming into a mermaid who lures native men to their doom, causing their mysterious disappearances. While townsfolk dismiss it as a tale to frighten children, the possibility of truth lingers. Local guides strongly advise men traveling with loved ones to remain in town, as rumors suggest even young boys aren’t safe from the nocturnal threats.

Visitors will be greeted by Brasilis’ natural beauty as soon as their ship docks, with the melodious roar of the waterfalls being a particularly notable attraction.

Brasilis can be accessed from Alberta by speaking to Crewman on the docks /navi alberta 240, 69 There is a 10,000 Zeny fee to set sail.

New Area #2


Dewata is an enchanting and enigmatic island with a community that is beginning to embrace the outside world, alongside a tribal group that staunchly upholds ancient warrior traditions. Upon arrival, adventurers are greeted by a city intertwined with nature, where friendly locals eagerly share their culture and heritage. However, beyond this city lie the lands of the Jaty Tribe, who are dedicated to preserving their ancestral ways. If adventurers can earn the trust and friendship of the Jaty Tribe, they can venture into the more perilous regions of Dewata, such as the Karakatau Volcano area, home to the deadly Comodo Lizards. The legends and tales of Dewata await those who crave adventure in these exotic lands!

Dewata can be accessed from Alberta by speaking to Dewata Sailor on the docks /navi alberta 239, 47 There is a 10,000 Zeny fee to set sail.

Miscellaneous Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Collection was not displaying when depositing a Pet into the Collection.
  • From now on, when using the Automated Battle System, the system will always check an Automatic Player in the Inventory.
  • Added Costume Light Darkness Crown to the enchanted malangdo list.

New Whitelist

  • Jaguar Card
  • Toucan Card
  • Curupira Card
  • Boitata Card
  • Iara Card
  • Piranha Card
  • Alnoldi Card
  • Cendrawasih Card
  • Comodo Card
  • Leak Card
  • Banaspaty Card
  • Butoijo Card

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