Ragnarok Landverse Monster Hunting Season 2 Event


The Season of Monster Hunt is back! Slay the assigned monsters and rack up rewards at each tier, with extra bonuses for clearing all stages.

Event Details: One-time quest per ID, cannot be repeated.
Event Period : 3 – 10 July 2024, 9AM (GMT+8)

Event Guideline

Accept quests to eliminate monsters by “NPC Monster Hunting” at coordinates Prontera 164, 106.
Players can choose the difficulty level according to your preference and level.


Note 1: Quests will be randomly generated based on the selected tier.
Note 2: If your level does not meet the specified tier, selection will not be possible.


Tier 1
Elite supply box 5 ea
Tier 2
[Event] Battle manul 5 ea
[Event] Bubble gum 5 ea
Tier 3
[Event] Unlimited Fly Wing Box (2Hrs) 2ea
[Event] Small life potion 20 ea
[Event] Medium life potion 15 ea
Tier 4
100 Adamantine.
Rewards for clearing all quests
[R] Pet Guaranteed Scroll 1 ea



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