Gameplay Update 3.0p – Tax Reduction


Gameplay Updates

We have removed Tower of Tides Tickets from the game. To ensure fair compensation for this change, players who currently possess Tower of Tides Tickets will receive a refund in the form of Moonstone Points. These points will be directly sent to your in-game mail. We encourage all players to check mailboxes to retrieve their Moonstone Points following the update.

General Updates

We are pleased to announce a significant change in our in-game economy. The Zeny tax rate on all transactions has been reduced from 20% to 10%. This adjustment is aimed at promoting more active trading and enhancing overall economic engagement within the game. Enjoy the increased profits from your sales and trades!

Reduce Zeny tax from 20% to 10%

System Updates

Yggdrasil’s Rift

We have updated the movement behavior of bosses and mini-bosses in Yggdrasil’s Rift. They will no longer move far from their spawn points. This change is designed to prevent these important enemies from straying too far, ensuring that players can more reliably find and engage them where they are expected.

And we are pleased to announce an indefinite extension of the Yggdrasil Adamantine Blessing Event. This decision allows players to enjoy farming activities without the concern of a closing date. Continue to take advantage of the event’s benefits at your leisure and enhance your gaming experience in Ragnarok Landverse.

Miscellaneous Changes & Bug Fixes

Old Glast Heim Memorial Dungeon

Fixed an issue where the 1st Commander of Destruction and 2nd Commander of Destruction sometimes did not spawn correctly.

Skill Descriptions

Fixed an issue where skill descriptions that were previously jumbled. This fix ensures that all skill information is displayed clearly and accurately.

Old Glast Heim Destroyer Title

The title’s effect has expired and will no longer grant any stats.

Moonstoneshop Updates

Added Spirit of Merchant Scroll

Removed Tower of Tides Ticket

Removed Bow Mastery Scroll

Gachapon Recycles

Golden Crown [1] – 10 Spirit of Merchant Scrolls

Master Chemicals [1] – 10 Spirit of Merchant Scrolls

Costume_Desert_Prince – 5 Spirit of Merchant Scrolls

Black_Shiba_Inu_Hat – 5 Spirit of Merchant Scrolls

Angeling_Woolly_Hat – 3 Spirit of Merchant Scrolls

Fidelity_Necklace – 3 Spirit of Merchant Scrolls

Sigrun’s_Wing – 2 Spirit of Merchant Scrolls

Weisswurst – 2 Spirit of Merchant Scrolls

Can_Hat – 2 Spirit of Merchant Scrolls

New Whitelist

Wings of Light and Darkness [1]
Costume Light Darkness Crown
Golden Crown [1]
Master Chemicals [1]

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