Gameplay Update 3.0o-2 : Balancing the game economy


Gameplay Updates

Zeny Adjustments

After closely monitoring and gathering in-game data and feedback, we are making adjustments to the Zeny calculation within Monster Loot Boxes to ensure a balanced economy in the game:

New Zeny calculation will be as follows:

  • Min Zeny = (Character Level + Monster Level * 8) / 4
    Max Zeny = (Character Level + Monster Level * 16) / 2
  • Zeny Gained = Random(Min Zeny, Max Zeny)

By implementing these changes, we aim to improve the environment for all players.

Quest Board Adjustments


  • The number of quests on the quest board will be reduced from 6 to 5.
  • The adamantine reward per quest will be increased from 2 to 5, totaling 25 per day.
  • VIP players will receive double adamantine rewards, earning 10 per quest, totaling 50 per day.

Tool Dealer Adjustments

  • The price of potions in Tool Dealers across all towns and lands will be reverted to their original prices.

WoE Potion Price Adjustment

  • The price of WoE potions will be reverted to their original prices.

Yggdrasil’s Rift

  • Wing and Teleport usage is now allowed in Yggdrasil’s Rift.

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