Gameplay Update 3.0o : Yggdrasil’s Rift


Gameplay Updates

New Battlefield

Yggdrasil’s Rift: The Ultimate Battleground

Yggdrasil’s Rift is an exhilarating high-resource map designed for the ultimate adventurers seeking rare items and the coveted currency, Adamentine. This map is not just about the thrill of the hunt; it’s a paradise for leveling up, vanquishing bosses, and battling fierce monsters, all while earning significantly greater experience points compared to any other map.

In Ragnarok Landverse, Yggdrasil’s Rift stands as the primary source for Adamentine. Every encounter, whether it’s a Monster, MiniBoss, or the formidable Raid Boss, offers a tantalizing chance to drop Adamentine and a plethora of other valuable treasures. This is the place where true warriors can prove their mettle and reap bountiful rewards. Get ready for an adventure like no other!

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Instance Dungeon Updates

Tower Of Tides

The energy within the Tower Of Tides is gradually depleting, signaling a new era for this dungeon. Moving forward, the Tower Of Tides will serve exclusively as a party dungeon for leveling up. While Adamentine will no longer be found here, the dungeon will remain a prime location for gaining experience and advancing your characters.

The highest floor you can reach is now the 100th floor. Additionally, you can now change the difficulty level for free, no longer needing the Tower of Tides Ticket. Ensuring that everyone can continue their journey with greater ease and excitement.

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Endless Tower

The Endless Tower has absorbed the power of Adamantine for quite some time, reaching its peak energy levels. From now on, monsters within the Endless Tower will drop their unique items directly on the ground (Not dropping as Monster Loot Boxes). The drop rate for MVP Cards has returned to normal in this tower. However, the weekly ratio for obtaining Adamantine will be reduced. Please note that wearable items exclusive to Transcendence and 3rd Classes will not drop in this patch.

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Miscellaneous Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug in the MVP Hunting SS I event where no points were awarded for killing the Doppelganger boss (Points will be retroactively awarded to all players based on the number of kills).
  • Fixed the bug in the Automated Battle System where using Token Of Siegfried prevented the use of HP usage items.
  • The feature in the Automated Battle System that switches to normal attacks when SP is below a certain percentage is now out of the experimental state.
  • Fixed the bug in the Monster Invasion event that caused players to lose EXP when their characters died.
  • Endless Tower will now grant Ashes of Darkness, which can be used by players to skip floors.
  • Fixed Equipment Eye of Freya to correctly provide the intended status effects.

New Whitelist

Sorcerer mask [1]
Hat of Elemental [1]
CD in Mouth
Bell Pigeon
Magic Eyes
Fantastic Wig
Blue Ribbon [1]
Book Hat
Magician Shadow Pendant
Magician Shadow Earring

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