Ragnarok Landverse Wing of Light and Darkness Special Enchantment


In Ragnarok Landverse, there are a select few special items that can be enchanted with a special upgrade enchantment. The Wing of Light and Darkness, added during the promotion on June 16, 2024, is one of them.

 Where to enhance items?

You can enhance items with NPC Fallen Angel in the Kafra Shop.
You can enter the Kafra Shop by using the NPC Cash Sales Guide at Prontera coordinates 139, 124.

How to enhance your items

You can enhance your items at NPC Fallen Angel in the Kafra Shop, located in the middle of the room.

Conditions for Enchant Option:

1. Use 1,000,000 Zeny as the enchant fee.
2. You must not wear the item that needs to be enchanted on your character during enchanting.
3. There is a small chance that the Archangel Wing will disappear as a result of enchanting.
4. The enchant can be removed by using 3 Silvervines.

Example Before & After Enchantment:

Please note: The result of enchanting is random, based on the available options from the list.

STR+2 INT+1 Archbishop 2Lv
AGI+2 MATK+1% Archbishop 3Lv
DEX+2 MATK+2% Archbishop 4Lv
VIT+2 SPELL 2Lv Special STR
LUK+2 SPELL 3Lv Special AGI
INT+2 Expert Archer 2Lv Special VIT
STR+1 Expert Archer 3Lv Special INT
AGI+1 Fighting Spirit 2Lv Special DEX
DEX+1 Fighting Spirit 3Lv Special LUCK
VIT+1 Immune 1Lv Sharp 2Lv
LUK+1 Cranial 1Lv Sharp 3Lv

How to remove Enchant Option

Conditions for removal
The enchant can be removed by using 3 silvervine fruits.
You can buy silvervine fruits at the moonstone shop

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