Ragnarok Landverse Event The Magical Candy Festival


🍭Taste the most delicious candy here at Aldebaran during The Magical Candy Festival Event!🎊
Candy Master needs your help. A sneaky raccoon🦝 has stolen all the candy from the children👦👧.
Please defeat the raccoon🦝 and retrieve the candy to exchange it for exclusive event items available only during the festival!

Event Summary – Assist The Candy Master in defeating the Bad Raccoons, retrieve 20 stolen candies, and return them to the Candy Master to receive rewards.

Event Details

Event Map – Aldebaran 115,105
Level Requirement –  Characters must be level 50+
Quest type – One Time Quest
Event Period:  12 – 18 June, 2024, 9 AM (GMT+8)

Story Quest Walkthrough

  1. Assist the Candy Master: Start the quest “Retrieve the Stolen Candy” at Aldebaran 115,105.
  2. Go to Prontera to take the candy back from the Stealing Raccoon
  3. Fight the Stealing Raccoon to collect 20 pieces of [Event] Lucky Candy.
  4. After collecting 20 pieces of [Event] Lucky Candy, give them to the Candy Master to receive quest rewards.

    Quest Reward

    Types of Colored Candies and Their Abilities:

    Festival Red Candy: Increases Melee and Magic power by 10 for 1 minute when used.

    Festival Blue Candy: Increases Def 20 and Mdef by 10 for 1 minute when used.

    Festival Orange Candy: Increases HP recovery by 10% when used.

    Festival Yellow Candy: Increases SP recovery by 5% when used.   

    Festival candy can be used with the Automatic Player System.

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