Ragnarok Landverse Artifact Archaeologist Monster Loot box & Relic systems


Welcome to Artifact Archaeologist update

We are excited to introduce a new feature allows you to unearth ancient relics and artifacts from the depths of dungeons, providing valuable rewards and enhancing your gameplay experience.

Monster Drop

In the game Ragnarok Landverse, the items you have a chance to receive after defeating a monster are categorized into three types:

1. Monster Loot Box

Monsters may drop a loot box containing random rewards when they are slayed, cards can still be obtained from monsters. The contents of loot boxes will be adjusted to drop items or inventory based on the monster.

2.Artifact Relic

Relics are rare and valuable tokens that you can obtain from monsters in various dungeons within the game. These tokens are essential for acquiring Dungeon Equipment, which is otherwise only available as drops from monsters within dungeon maps.

3.Monster Card

Monster cards are one of the options to improve your status and skills. You can insert them into equipment with an empty socket, and the effect of the card will automatically be applied to your character in the game.

Monster Loot Box Artifact Relic Monster Card

What are the new updates in the Artifact Archaeologist patch?

1. Monster Loot Box

  • The monster loot boxes will be divided into two types: Field and Dungeon.
  • From now on, there will be no equipment in the monster loot boxes.
  • Monster Loot Boxes Now Contain Equipment Boxes
  • You can check the list of items within the loot box at Link

What is an Equipment Box?

An Equipment Box contains all the equipment found from field monsters, excluding Dungeon-type equipment. The quality and variety of equipment obtained from the Equipment Box are influenced by the player’s character level.

  • For equipment obtained from monsters in Dungeon-type maps, you will need to collect Relics to exchange for it.
  • remove guarantee systems with NPC Universal Exchange

Monster Lootbox Zeny Adjustments

Zeny Adjustments:

  • All wearable equipment will continue to be sold at NPC shops for a consistent price of 10z. (Remain the same)

New Zeny Calculation Formula:

With the introduction of Loot Box V.4 the Zeny calculation will be as follows:

  • Min Zeny = (Character Level + Monster Level * 5) / 8
  • Max Zeny = (Character Level + Monster Level * 10) / 4
  • Zeny Gained = Random(Min Zeny, Max Zeny)

2. Artifact Relic

  • Add Relic Exchange system in Ragnarok Landverse offers players an efficient way to trade Dungeon Equipment.
  • you can obtain Relic from monsters in various dungeons within the game.


  • When you go to Payon Dungeon Level 1, you have a chance to obtain Payon Dungeon Relic I from any monster within Payon Dungeon Level 1.
  • When you go to Payon Dungeon Level 2, you have a chance to obtain Payon Dungeon Relic II from any monster within Payon Dungeon Level 2.

Monsters That Do Not Drop Relics:

The following monsters are exceptions and do not drop Relics:

Ant Egg
Blue Plant
Green Plant
Yellow Plant
White Plant
Shining Plant
Red Plant
Black Mushroom
Red Mushroom
Mini Bosses
MVP Monsters
Summon Monsters

How to Use Relics

At the entrance of every dungeon, there is a specific NPC dedicated to the Relic Exchange system. This NPC will facilitate the exchange of your Relics for Equipment.

Important Notes

Loot Box Changes: Equipment items will no longer drop from regular Loot Boxes, except for Equipment Boxes. This change ensures that players rely more on the Relic Exchange system and Equipment Boxes for acquiring their desired gear.

Exclusive Items: The items obtained from Equipment Boxes (Field Equipment) will not overlap with the items available in the Relic Exchange. This provides a wider variety of equipment and prevents duplication.


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