Gameplay Update 3.0m : Artifact Archaeologist


Gameplay Updates

New System

Artifact Archaeologist

We are excited to introduce a new system that will add depth and excitement to your adventures: the Artifact Archaeologist. This new feature allows you to unearth ancient relics and artifacts from the depths of dungeons, providing valuable rewards and enhancing your gameplay experience.

Enhanced Loot System for all Players (Especially new to Ragnarok)

We have updated the system to address the challenge new players face in remembering which equipment drops from which monsters. To make the game more friendly for new users and to streamline the farming process. This system also very good for automated battle system because will allows players to farm relic regardless of stamina system, Additionally, it means you can battle monsters that are appropriate for your level and capabilities.

Monster Loot Boxes Now Contain Equipment Boxes

What is an Equipment Box?

An Equipment Box contains all the equipment found from field monsters, excluding dungeon equipment. The quality and variety of equipment obtained from the Equipment Box are influenced by the player’s character level.

Acquiring Dungeon Equipment

For Dungeon Equipment, you need to find relics to exchange for equipment. If the equipment has a low drop chance percentage, it will require a higher quantity of relics.

Relics are rare tokens obtained from dungeon monsters. They are crucial for acquiring Dungeon Equipment, which otherwise drops only from dungeon monsters.

Where to Exchange Relics?

You need to find the Artifact Shop (NOVA). The Artifact Shop NPC, responsible for exchanging relics for Dungeon Equipment, is located at the entrance of each dungeon.

Example of Relic Exchange:

  • Payon Dungeon Level 1:
    • When you go to Payon Dungeon Level 1, you have a chance to obtain Payon Dungeon Relic I from any monster within Payon Dungeon Level 1.
    • Exchange Example: You collect Payon Dungeon Relic I tokens and visit the Artifact Shop (NOVA) at the entrance of Payon Dungeon Level 1. There, you can exchange these relics for a piece of dungeon equipment specific to Payon Dungeon Level 1, such as a Mace[4] or Ribbon[1].

More Details

Monster Lootbox Zeny Adjustments

After closely monitoring the activities and economy of all players in the server following the release of Monster Loot Box V.3, we’ve gathered comprehensive data that reveals an excessive daily Zeny gain per day and comprehensive data for Zeny Used per day (Including Guild wars Date). To ensure a balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience for everyone, we are making adjustments to the system.

Zeny Adjustments:

  • All wearable equipment will continue to be sold at NPC shops for a consistent price of 10z. (Remain the same)

New Zeny Calculation Formula:

With the introduction of Loot Box V.4 the Zeny calculation will be as follows:

  • Min Zeny = (Character Level + Monster Level * 5) / 8
  • Max Zeny = (Character Level + Monster Level * 10) / 4
  • Zeny Gained = Random(Min Zeny, Max Zeny)

By implementing these changes, we aim to maintain a fair and challenging environment for all players.

System Updates

Path of Truth

– Added the Ninja class to participate in Path of Truth.

– Added the Star Gladiator class to participate in Path of Truth.

– Added the Soul Linker class to participate in Path of Truth.

UPDATE 5 JUNE 2024 [3:45PM (GMT+8)] :
Due to some technical issues on the Path of Truth, the extended classes as follows:

  • Ninja
  • Gunslinger
  • Taekwondo

will join the Path of Truth next week.

Loot Box Guaranteed System

– Has been removed.

Miscellaneous Changes & Bug Fixes

– Fixed an issue where monsters on certain maps would disappear without a trace (not spawning correctly).

– [Automated] Added Red Herb to the Consumable Usage List.

– Fixed an issue where upgrading the Land Bed did not provide additional STA.


– First Refill [Jun] – Details

– Top-Up Milestone Event [Jun] – Details

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