Ragnarok Landverse Comodo Bonfire Festival


Welcome to the charming town of Comodo, where the sparkling shores of Midgard set the scene for our special event.

Join us around the cozy bonfires that light up the night sky, burning away worries and welcoming new beginnings. Marvel at the colorful fireworks that brighten the horizon,
filling the air with joy and excitement. Come celebrate with us and make wonderful memories together!

Event Summary – Start the story quest by helping gather firewood for the Comodo Bonfire Festival (NPC Ryan, Comodo 162, 315). Unlock daily quests and exchange for wonderful rewards during the event.

Event Details

Event Map – Comodo
Level Requirement –  Characters must be level 50+
Event Period: May 29 – June 12, 2024, 9 AM (GMT+8)

Story Quest Walk Through

  1. Help Ryan (Coordinate: Comodo 162, 315) find more wood for the Bonfire Festival by going to Payon Town and finding Romeo to collect 20 pieces.
  2. Since Romeo (Coordinate: Payon 257, 296) is busy with his work, he will tell you where to find the wood.
    (Collect 20 Wood at pay_fild08 to proceed to the next steps).
  3. Collect 20 pieces of wood, then return to Ryan.
  4. Give the wood to Ryan to complete the story quest.

Story Quest Rewards

– 100 Wooden Blocks (These items can be used to exchange for event items during the event).

Daily Quest

Unlock after clear Story Quest
Repeat Quest : 1 times:quest / day reset same time as stamina system

Daily Quest Rewards
Quest Reward VIP User get more (Additional) BP User get more (Additional)
Collect Wood at payon map 80 40 40

Comodo Bonfire Festival Shop

NPC – Comodo Bonfire Fastival

Comodo Bonfire Festival Shop Limited/Acc Wooden Block
Rare Pet Scroll 3 500
Bonfire of Camping 1 500
Character Slot Expansion 1 1000
Gym pass 1 500
[Event] Imp egg 1 500
[Event] Battle Manual 5 80
[Event] Bubble Gum 5 80
[Event] Battle Manual & Bubble Gum 3 100
Boarding Halter Box 3D 2 150
[Event] Inventory Expansion Voucher 1 300
[Event] Mental Potion 1 ea 15 15
Adamantine Blessing 1 ea 100 2
[Event] Unlimited Fly Wing Box 1 day 5 40
10 20

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