Ragnarok Landverse Gathering Resources


🪓 Gathering time! Ragnarok Landverse fresh materials are ripe for the taking! ✨

🗺️ A new resource system has been added. You can find them around Rune-Midgard. Start utilizing spatial tools and gathering the new resources now!

How it Works:

Resources are scattered across Ragnarok Landverse in the form of nodes, such as trees and ore veins, every map with Land NFT.

  • Players can interact with each node up to three times before it depletes.
  • Each Nodes will replenish themselves after  30 minutes.
  • Each interaction with a node necessitates the use of one tool, conveniently available for purchase from NPC Tool dealers.

Node info

Currently, there are only Ore Nodes and Logging Nodes. The principle behind them is that once they’re mined three times, the node will disappear, and it will take 30 minutes for it to respawn (always respawn in the same location).

When you interact with a node, the system will use up one tool. It’s clear that the better the tool, the more types of nodes you can use it on. If you’re carrying multiple tools, the system will always choose the best one first.

For the materials obtained from nodes, there are two types: regular materials and rare materials.
As the name suggests, rare materials are harder to come by but offer unique benefits, while regular materials are obtained every time you interact with a node.

Nodes & Resource that you can get

Logging Node (Resources can be traded.)

Ore Node (Resources can be traded.)

Where Can I Get Gathering Tools?

You can buy gathering tools from the NPC tool dealer in any town.

The higher Tier the more expansive

Gathering Tools Each Tier

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