Ragnarok Landverse Added Expanded Classes to Union System.


New power upon our rune-midgard prepare to Level Up Your New Class & Boost Your Account Power!

Great news, adventurers! We’re excited to announce the new class in the union system that allows you to unlock buffs to empower your entire account by reaching specific milestones.
Three classes have been added, as detailed below:

Please notes for ninja you will not get doubled effect while using katar type weapon

When there is a character in the account that reaches a certain level, you will receive a buff according to the table below for the entire account.
Buffs will not stack. If you have 2 Ninja at level 99, you will only receive buffs one time.

Account Level Buffs

The total character levels across the entire account, known as the ‘Account Level’ will grant a buff according to the table below for the entire account.

Note: Buffs will not stack. For instance, if your account level is 1200, you will only receive buffs for level 1200, not for all levels. However, you will still receive class buffs from the table above.


Please Note: Characters that are below level 50 will not be calculated.

We hope you enjoy these new class and continue your journey!

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