Ragnarok Landverse : New Class Release Gunslinger & Event Gunslinger Race to 99


Ragnarok Landverse – Releases New Expanded Class: Gunslinger
Adventurers, rejoice! You can now embark on a new adventure as a Gunslinger!

Gunslinger Challenge Event: Race to Level 99 [Gunslinger Class]!

Event period :

This event is open for participation and will end when there are winners for all the classes.

Event Rewards:

– Gunslinger Title: Gunslinger No.1
No.1 Costume (Upper)

Terms and Conditions

1. The rewards will be given to the first characters to reach Level 99

Eligible Classes – Gunslinger

2. Characters must be created after 02:00 PM on April 22.

3. You will be disqualified if you use Miracle Medicine that get from Gachapon.

4. Top players will have their names, classes, and timings displayed on the ranking board in the news section.


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