Ragnarok Landverse NOVA SPACE: A New Land for the Seasonal Server


🏠 NOVA SPACE: A New Land for the Seasonal Server
In the Seasonal server, these benefits can be gained more easily. Instead of purchasing land, NOVA Space provides temporary access through Subscription Coupons.

🎉 What can you enjoy in NOVA SPACE?
Nova Space provides basic land amenities with limitations; you cannot upgrade the NOVA SPACE.

💡The benefits are as follows:
1. 🍽️ Dinner Table
– Food Buff that can only be found on Land/NOVA SPACE

2. 🛠️ Tools Dealer
– General Consumables offer a wide range of items that can improve gameplay, such as colored gemstones, traps, arrows, boosters, and more.

3. 📦 Storage Chest
– Store your unused items in the chest box provided in NOVA SPACE

4. 🛏️ Bed
– Stamina Refill: By sleeping in a bed in the game, you will gain an additional 1500 stamina.

5. 🌀 Warp
– Main City Warp: Enter NOVA SPACE anytime.

For more details: https://maxion-1.gitbook.io/ragnarok-landverse-whitepaper/token-economy/land-nfts

🎟️Subscription Options:
– 🗓️ 30-Day Access: Priced at 89 ION, this option allows players to enjoy a full month of NOVA Space amenities.
– 🗓️ 7-Day Access: For a shorter commitment, this option costs 29 ION and offers a week of access to NOVA Space amenities.
※Only available in the seasonal server.

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