Ragnarok Landverse Monster Hunting Season Event


The monster hunting season has arrived! Eliminate the assigned monsters and reap rewards at each tier, with additional rewards when you clear all stages.

Event Period : 15 – 29 April 2024, 11:59PM (GMT+8)

Event Guideline

Accept quests to eliminate monsters by “NPC Monster Hunting” at coordinates Prontera 164, 106.

Players can choose the difficulty level according to your preference and level.

Tier 1 (lv21-40) Condition Reward Tier 2 (lv41-60) Condition Reward
anthell0 Kill 1,000 monsters.
Elite supply box 2 ea
iz_dun00 Kill 1,000 monsters.
[Event] Battle manul 5 ea
[Event] Bubble gum 5 ea
anthell02 Kill 1,000 monsters. iz_dun01 Kill 1,000 monsters.
gef_dun00 Kill 1,000 monsters. mjo_dun03 Kill 1,000 monsters.
prt_sewb3 Kill 1,000 monsters. pay_dun01 Kill 1,000 monsters.
Tier 3 (lv61-80) Condition Reward Tier 4 (lv81-100) Condition Reward
gef_dun02 Kill 700 monsters.
[Event] Small mana potion 10 ea
[Event] Small life potion 20 ea
[Event] Medium life potion 15 ea
tur_dun03 Kill 500 monsters.

If you choose to submit quests in maps other than gl_knt02, you will receive 59 Adamantine.

However, if you submit the quest in gl_knt02, you will receive 99 Adamantine.

iz_dun04 Kill 700 monsters. gl_knt02 Kill 500 monsters.
pay_dun04 Kill 700 monsters. gl_prison Kill 500 monsters.
moc_pryd04 Kill 700 monsters. mag_dun02 Kill 500 monsters.

Note 1: Quests will be randomly generated based on the selected tier.
Note 2: If your level does not meet the specified tier, selection will not be possible.

Upon completing the monster elimination quest, return to the NPC to claim your rewards.

Special reward
Condition Reward
If you complete quests for all 4 Tiers, you will be eligible to receive special rewards.
[R] Pet Guaranteed Scroll 1 ea

※You cannot repeat this more than once per ID.

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