Ragnarok Landverse : New Class voter [Expended Class]


Decide which comes first by voting for your class with Zeny in Ragnarok Landverse.
Time to unlock new class and collect exclusive costume, enhancements supply and many rewards!

Event Period: From 25 March – 1 April , 9AM  (GMT+8).
A new class will be released every Monday starting from 8th April 2024 and continuing weekly.

Where to vote for your class & receive rewards?

Players can now collaborate to vote for the next Expanded Class to be introduced at Prontera. Votes are cast using Zeny, the in-game currency.
Rest assured, we have rewards for those who participate in the voting process.

Rewards for Voting on a New Class:

  • Top Voter (1st Place): The player who casts the most votes for a class will receive 3 Enriched Elunium, 3 Enriched Oridecon, and a Special Costume.
  • Top 2 to 100 Voters: Players who rank between 2nd and 100th in the number of votes for a class will each receive 1 Enriched Elunium and 1 Enriched Oridecon.
  • Top 101 to 1000 Voters: Players who rank between 101st and 1000th in the number of votes for a class will each receive 300 Adamantine Blessings.
  • Bonus for Voting with 500,000 Zeny or More: Any player who votes using 500,000 Zeny or more will receive 3 Field Manuals and 3 Bubble Gums, regardless of their voting rank.
    Cast your votes now to influence the next class addition and earn rewards!

Special Note: You can receive rewards from the NPC class voter of your class after the class release.

What classes are available for voting?

  • ninja
  • gunslinger
  • taekwondo

You will have time to vote for the new class expansion from March 25th to April 1st, 9 AM (GMT+8).
The results of class and voting ranking will be announced on March 1, 2024, on the Ragnarok Online landverse official page.

Special Costume.


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