Ragnarok Landverse : March Spending Rewards


Ragnarok Landverse March Spending Rewards are Here! A Thank You Gift for All Players Who Use Moonstones During the Event!

🔓 Unlock the Exclusive “Amistr Bag Random Box” at the 30,000 Milestone! When you open this item, you will have a chance to get an item from the list below (Random):
– Endure Amistr Bag [1]
– Greed Amistr Bag [1]
– Heal Amistr Bag [1]
– Hiding Amistr Bag [1]
– Improve Concentration Amistr Bag [1]
– Increase AGI Amistr Bag [1]
– Magnum Break Amistr Bag [1]
– Maximize Power Amistr Bag [1]
– Sight Amistr Bag [1]
– Teleport Amistr Bag [1]

📆 Event Period: March 18th – 31st, 11:59 PM (GMT+8).

If you’re not yet familiar with these promotions, check them out now at:
🔗: https://news.landverse.maxion.gg/2024/02/19/ragnarok-landverse-february-spending-rewards/.

📣 Please Note:
– An account can claim all rewards in a milestone only once. No repeats.
– Users can check and claim the Milestone Rewards at https://landverse.maxion.gg/events/stepspentreward.

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