Ragnarok Landverse Story Quest : Kiel Hyre & Finding the Moving Island


Story Quest Guide and Introduction to the Requirements Before Entering the Kiel Robot Factory and Moscovia Instant Dungeons

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the realms of Ragnarok Landverse with our comprehensive Story Quest guide.
Before you delve into the mechanical depths of the Kiel Robot Factory or explore the enigmatic woods of Moscovia,
it’s essential to prepare and meet specific requirements to ensure a successful adventure in these instant dungeons.
Here’s what you need to know for the challenges that lie ahead.

Finding The Moving Island Quest(Moscovia)

1. Have a chat with Berybaelf at (moscovia 171, 72). He’ll share his tale of discovering the Moving Island.
2. Listen to Mr. Ibanoff’s stories at (moscovia 135, 50). Then, pick the “Lend me your ship” choice. He’ll list the parts he needs to fix his vessel.
3. Collect these items for Mr. Ibanoff to help him repair his ship:
– 10 Rusty Screws7317.png
– 10 Strange Steel Pieces7167.png
– 10 Jubilees7312.png
– 5 Flexible Tubes7325.png

Note: The island is open only at these times:
– Midnight to 3 AM GMT+8
– 6 AM to 9 AM GMT+8
– Noon to 3 PM GMT+8
– 6 PM to 9 PM GMT+8

4. Take charge of the ship’s steering as per Mr. Ibanoff’s commands. Chat with Ibanoff again and again to receive new directions. Click the steering wheel and set the course as told by Ibanoff. Watch out, monsters might come out, and you’ll have to defeat them to keep the ship sailing.

Note: Deal with monsters like these:
– Mysterious (??) Obeaune and Ragglers
– Mysterious (??) Marse and Hydra
– (Level (??)) Kapha and Merman
– (Level (??)) Kapha and Swordfish

Remember, you can’t steer the ship while fighting monsters. They’ll vanish after five minutes, but you need to beat them yourself to move on in the quest. These monsters don’t give Experience or drop items.

5. When you make it to the While Island, find the Aged Stranger at (mosk_fild01 87, 105). Talk to him three times to go back to Moscovia.
6. Visit Mr. Ibanoff again. He will request that you report to the palace.
7. Go see Prime Minister Dmitree at (mosk_in 128, 90) inside the palace (moscovia 255, 141).

8. Speak with Czar Aleksay at (mosk_in 132, 91).

9. Return to Mr. Ibanoff to set sail for the Moving Island. Defeat any monsters on board again. After beating them, have another conversation with Mr. Ibanoff.
10. Meet the Aged Stranger, and ask to borrow his instrument. He will ask for 1 Gusli 2707.png in exchange for:
– 30 Logs7201.png
– 20 Tough Vines7197.png
– 20 Antelope Horns7106.png
– 10 Sea-otter Furs7065.png

11. Once you’ve collected all the needed materials, speak with Mr. Ibanoff and he will take you straight to Whale Island.

12. Have a conversation with the Aged Stranger, who will offer to make you a Gusli.

13. Discuss with the Aged Stranger again to decide if you want to learn the Gusli. It’s advised that you learn it from him, which might require talking to him multiple times until he says you’re a pro at playing it.

14. Head back to the palace and meet with Czar Aleksay. You’ll be presented with three choices:

15. You’re now free to go to Whale Island whenever you want. Just walk to the end of the pier, next to Mr. Ibanoff, with the Gusli in your accessory slot. Have a word with the Aged Stranger on the island to be transported to the island with the entrance to the Moscovia Forest Dungeon. Warps are recordable on this island.

After clear this Quest you can start Moscovia Weekly Quest and Instant Dungeon.

Kiel Hyre Quest (Kiel Robot Factory)

1. Begin at the Juno Bar, slightly north of the middle left edge of Juno (yuno 51, 106). Upon entering, initiate a conversation with the master by selecting “You seem troubled, what’s wrong?”. He’ll reveal his concern about a delayed delivery for Ms. Lecollane and offer you a bottle of Culinary Wine 7487.png if you agree to assist by saying “Sure, I’ll help.”

2. Head over to Kiel Hyre Academy at (yuno_fild08 159, 189). Find the shortest route from Al De Baran by going one map north, one west, then one north. Speak with the guard at the main gate, tell them you have a delivery within the academy, and state the recipient’s name when asked to gain entry.

3. Inside, find Lecollane in the basement (kh_school 176, 60) and tell him you’re there to deliver a package. While there, you’ll overhear a conversation with a student named Elly.

4. Talk to Elly, located between the tables (kh_school 179, 40). Inquire about her situation by asking “What’s wrong?” and offer help with “How can I assist you?”.

She will share a list of ingredients she needs for baking cookies, pointing out where you can find them:

– 1 Culinary Wine at Juno Bar (yuno 51, 106) 7487.png
– 7 Milk519.png
– 5 Cacao7182.png
– 2 Cheese548.png
– 1 Egg at Juno’s Toast Shop (Delivery Package)574.png
– 1 Flour at Juno’s Toast Shop (Delivery Package)7604.png

5. Visit the Juno Bar once more and tell the bartender “I need more wine…” to receive additional Culinary Wine 7487.png and 1,000 zeny for your efforts.

6. Locate “Little Kid” Cezu behind the tool shop in Juno (yuno 217, 114) and tell her “I’m looking for Elly…”. Cezu will ask you to retrieve a Delivery Package from Lightalzen.

7. In Lightalzen, go to the top right section of the Slums area to find Windmill Owner Mills (lightalzen 365, 301). Inform him “I have a message for Cezu…” and he’ll provide you with the required package. 7488.png

8.Give the box to Cezu in Juno, and she’ll make out a separate box with the Flour and Eggs you need for Elly.

9. Bring the collected items and Delivery Package7488.png to Elly back at Kiel Hyre Academy. The guards will recognize you and let you in to deliver the items. Elly will give you 5 Well-Baked Cookies538.png as thanks.

10. Elly trusts you now and requests you deliver the cookies to her grandfather, Kiel Hyre, at his cottage. Accept by saying “Should I do that?” and then “Certainly”.

11. Kiel Hyre’s Cottage is located one map north of the Academy, to the west (yuno_fild02 93, 207). Approach the guardsman and announce, “I have an appointment with Kiel Hyre” and affirm with “Yes”. He will inform you Kiel Hyre is out.

12. After the guard updates you on Kiel Hyre’s absence, return to Elly with this news.

13. Elly will then entrust you with a Cottage Key 7489.png for your help.

14. Use this key at the cottage’s door (yuno_fild02 75, 219), select “Unlock” to gain access to the storage room.

15. Advance to locate a letter 7490.png for Elly near (kh_vila_180, 12). Open it to read Elly’s message.

16. Deliver the message to Elly once more. On this visit, ask Elly about the academy first, then inquire regarding the “Unusual events?”. Converse with her a third time, and she will suggest exploring the Cottage.

17. Enter the Cottage using the door on your left. Investigate the bookshelf on the left where four “Books” are, all functional. Search repeatedly if needed to discover a switch. Activating it reveals a secret route (kh_vila_191, 15).

18. Inside the Cottage, find the kitchen. Boxes are behind you—purchase Pet Food 537.png from the ✨ icon if needed.

19. A map of the world is on the wall outside the kitchen. Examine it to uncover a concealed item without harming the map.

20. Investigate the kitchen’s Pot and attempt to “Try it.”.

21. Re-examine the world map to find a poem on a newly discovered paper.

22. Near the room’s southwest corner is a portal (kh_vila_155, 54). Use it, look inside a Calabash atop the hearth, and acquire an Old Bronze Key.

23. Check out the small garden inside. Explore the pool and operate the “Pull Handles”. Draining the pool reveals a button. Press it to unlock the upstairs.

24. Exit through the portal east of the pool, crossing the hall. Upstairs, a dog blocks the path. Distract it with Pet Food 537.png to pass.

25. The top floor has three rooms: a bedroom, an office, and a library. Enter the office (navi_kh_vila_182/141), sift through desk papers, and find one linked to Barnmund from the Legacy of the Wise One quest, yielding a blank Kiel Hyre paper.

26. In the room’s bottom left corner, use the “Old Copper Key” to get a Green Keycard 7516.png from the box (kh_vila_110/125).

27. At the library, examine a bookshelf for a clue. After reading “To Elly”, return it to the shelf and inspect the steel surface to find two keyholes. Insert keys when prompted: Elly’s Key first, “Cottage Key” second, and gain a Steel Box7491.png.

28. Revisit the first hallway room (kh_vila_184, 184), look under the bed, and open the drawer for a Yellow Keycard 7492.png.

29. In that room, you’ll discover a ‘Medicine Chest’ brimming with potions. Ponder over the blank document that might hold invisible ink. Choose “Certainly! Let’s give it a shot!” and use “Try Blue Liquid” on the earlier documents to reveal a hidden poem.

The first snake is made of iron
It has a cold body and a hard head
I held wrath and stroke the snake’s head
The snake soon went silent
The second snake is made of magic
It has a spellbound body and a cunning head
I held love and stabbed the snake’s heart
The snake soon went silent
The third snake is made of flesh and blood
It has a warm body and a soft head
I held hope and covered the snake’s body
The snake soon went silent
The fourth snake is shapeless
Nobody knows its body nor head
I held despair and threw it in the air
Nobody knows if the snake went silent
Nobody knows
My name is Little Stray Demon
With four snakes and four swords
I’m searching for her in the dark

30. Make your way downstairs. Near the stairs, notice a decoration featuring four swords which might function as levers if arranged correctly. Each sword has a distinct appearance. Match them with the poems you’ve read to find the correct sequence. If done rightly, a door to a concealed room will open. Choose “Indeed!” then “Place Decorative Swords”.

The decoration will ask you which snake to plant from 1-4

*1st Sword into 2nd Snake: (Sword of Love slays Snake of Magic)
*2nd Sword into 4th Snake: (Sword of Despair slays Formless Snake)
*3rd Sword into 1st Snake: (Sword of Rage slays Snake of Steel)
*4th Sword into 3rd Snake: (Sword of Hope slays Snake of Flesh)

31. In this secretive area, spot two test tubes. Press the button on the right one and it will prompt you for a name. Type in the blue-hued code from the second poem’s end, hinting at “little lost devil” or “Little Wandering Demon”, which will reveal the code “4772962”.

32. It’s time to revisit Elly at her dormitory (yuno_fild08 69, 184). The dormitory is to the west of the school. To enter, scale the water pipe beside her window. It might require multiple attempts.

33. Once inside, attempting to converse with Elly will be in vain.

34. Examine the cookie basket on the table to find Elly’s note. Select “Peruse Note”.

35. Attempt to talk to Elly again. This time, prompt her with “Wake up, Elly!”. She won’t respond, but will leave behind a small Golden Key and a sumptuous-looking Button 7494.png. Use the Golden Key 7493.png on the Steel Box to find a Blue Keycard 7495.png.

36. Depart from Elly’s chamber via the window on the bed’s right side. Outside, you’ll encounter a setup of 5 graves. Head to the grave at the bottom right. Input the Yellow Keycard first, followed by the code “4772962” when prompted.

With this, players gain entry to the dungeon’s initial level.

37. Navigate to the farthest side of the room, find the bottom door along the wall (coordinates: kh_dun01 234, 48). Exercise caution because the “Open Door” command will not work—instead, input “Blue Keycard”.

38. You will encounter a group of women—engage with the central figure. Unlike the others, she will present herself as Allysiа and request your identification. Reveal the “Golden Key” obtained from Elly, and she will acknowledge your connection to Elly.

39. Allysiа will inquire about Kiel Hyre’s whereabouts and grant you a Red Keycard, urging you to locate him. Afterward, she will transport you back to the entrance of the Robot Factory 1F.

40. In the uppermost corner of Robot Factory 1F, utilize the “Red Keycard” at the restricted entry (coordinates: kh_dun01 165, 222).

41. Make your way to the last door on the right (coordinates: kh_dun01 232, 231). Although Kiel is unavailable for a discussion, he will briefly interact and provide you with a Metal Fragment7497.png. Depart the area via the portal on your right.

42. Return to Allysiа in the southeastern corner, and she will assign you to meet her mentor in Lightalzen, subsequently teleporting you out of the dungeon.

43. The midpoint of the map in Lightalzen, just north of the item shop, is where you’ll discover Kiel Hyre’s Mansion (coordinates: lightalzen 187, 203). Enter and converse with the Steward (coordinates: kh_mansion 78, 82) who will question you. Show him Elly’s Golden Key.

44. Inside, Kiel Hyre Senior and Allysiа await. Engage with them, heed their inquiries, and they will reward you with EXP and a Taming Gift Set 12105.png. They will also discuss the mechanical dolls. Allysiа’s explanation follows.

45. Post-dialogue, walk out of the mansion. A sudden blackout will lead to your unconsciousness outdoors. Upon awakening, find yourself in conversation with a Mysterious Woman. Disclose nothing and listen as she reveals Kiel’s company’s connections to Rekenber.

46. Next, seek out Mitchell in a tiny room and agree to assist with her investigation, after which she will identify herself as Mitchell (coordinates: yuno 250, 139).

47. Afterward, engage in dialogue with the two aged ladies located to the east of the item shop—Odd Grandma (coordinates: yuno 249, 139) and Old Lady (coordinates: yuno 249, 131). First, the Odd Grandma, then the Old Lady, to learn about Allysiа’s tragic past.

48. Obtain from them the keys to the Rosimier Mansion 7498.png, situated a tad eastward of where they stand (coordinates: yuno 269, 138).

49. Proceed to Rosimier Mansion, slightly east of where the two women are, and enter (coordinates: yuno 269, 138).

50. Ascend the stairs, head west at the first intersection, and uncover the left-most portal (coordinates: kh_rossi 145, 284). Navigate the portals to find Allysiа’s letter 7501.png within a desk drawer. Examine the bookcase in the same room to locate James’s Note 7502.png.

51. Descend the stairs again, and choose the second portal from the shelf’s left side (coordinates: kh_rossi 92, 92). Upon doing so, obtain a Woman’s Portrait 7500.png from the master box near the shelf.

52. Use the southwest portal in the proximity of the shelf to find the Table in the adjoining room. There you will discover the Family Portrait7499.png, depicting a woman, James Rosimier, and his family.

53. Leave the building and search for a fisherwoman to the south of the KH Academy. She will direct you to fish for Raw Fish (coordinates: yuno_fild12 231, 221). She reveals her suspicion that Allysiа may have taken her own life out of despair over James’s betrothal to another.

54. The fisherwoman in the southern reaches of the map near the Academy will request 10 Raw Fish 544.png in exchange for information (coordinates: yuno_fild12 231, 221).

55. After your delivery, she will guide you to Kiel’s abandoned hut and share a tale from 30 years past—finding Allysiа’s lifeless form by the water on August 21st. This was the day after K.H.’s Letter suggested a secret rendezvous, which coincided with the day James planned to elope.

56. Proceed to the Schwaltzvalt Guard’s outpost (coordinates: yuno_fild09 158, 216), inspect the Wooden Board concealed in the foliage, and locate the Man’s Portrait 7503.png.

57. Return to Mitchell (coordinates: kh_mansion 19, 86) by revisiting the Lightalzen mansion. Report back your findings and discuss them with Kiel.

58. Kiel will recount the entire ordeal of meeting Allysiа on August 19th and the ensuing events that led to their altercation and her subsequent disappearance into the river. He seeks your assistance to thwart his “son’s” plan and grants you access to a Power Device7504.png.

59. Enter the portal and arrive in the initial chamber.

60. Activate the Receiver beside the bed to summon an Alicel (special) and a Black Keycard will drop. You must possess at least one Black Keycard7506.png to operate the device. If you’ve reached level 43, you can continue; otherwise, you’ll need to attain it before proceeding.

61. Engage the communication device adjacent to the bed to summon a special Alicel. The subsequent confrontation will yield a Black Keycard necessary for advancement. Retrieve it from the device (kh_rossi 161, 285).

62. Return to the Flower Vase positioned in the upper left corner and decipher the message on its base by rotating it. A Toy Key will be unveiled if the phrase “Open the door” is correctly inputted.

63. At the room’s nadir, interact with the chest and enter “Open the door” to unlock it and claim a Toy Key.

64. Make sure all adversaries are vanquished before attempting the door at the chamber’s end. With the correct keys, passage should be granted.

65. If your path leads back to the receiver chamber, it means the Toy Key was not utilized.

66. Pursue the route to the third enclosure and employ the Black Keycard on the door.

67. Continue to the fourth room (kh_kiehl01 16, 178) where you’ll need 2 Black Keycards to progress. Test tubes here are used to spawn creatures, defeating them may yield a necessary Black Keycard7506.png.

68. Forge ahead to the fifth and final chamber, expecting more opposition (kh_kiehl01 165, 185).

69. Thrice you must attempt to force the door before it yields. Each trial will provoke Alіots and Alicel into action, whom you must defeat.

70. Repeated efforts to breach the sealed portal will ultimately permit passage. For each attempt, a Metal Fragment is essential. Should you lack the required 4 Solid Iron Pieces 7507.png, retreat slightly to gather them from defeated foes.

71. Upon entering the chamber, you’ll be met with a host of monsters. Defeat them quickly to proceed. Should your group be overcome at any point from here on, three Black Keycards will be needed to reopen the doors traversed earlier, starting from this step onward. However, monsters from previous steps will not reappear unless another player triggers the quest anew, and you won’t need any extra Solid Iron Pieces.

72. After your encounter with Kielh, he will call forth additional creatures to challenge you. Overcome them, and Kielh will make his reappearance.

73. Engage in conversation with Kielh once more. This time, he will become hostile and must be subdued to advance. This encounter features a less formidable version of Kielh, designated as the MVP.

74. Once victorious over Kielh, converse with him again. He will disclose his intentions and provide Allysiа’s Ring. A portal will manifest for your departure. If the ring was not obtained, speak with Kielh before exiting.

75. Deliver the ring to Kielh in his domain on the factory’s second level.
He will suggest searching the next tier of the dungeon for further signs of Kielh and reward you with substantial experience points and items.

With the quest fulfilled, you can now enter Kiel Robot Factory Instance Dungeon and enjoy new resource of Ragnarok Landverse


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