Gameplay Update 2.0N : Monster Loot Box V.3 !!


Gameplay Updates

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Monster Loot Box & Stamina Revamp V.3


All Equipment can be sold to the shop for 10 zeny only.

Character levels and monster levels will now be factored into the equation for obtaining Zeny from Monster Loot Boxes.

Character Level = The player’s character level

Monster Lv  =  The level of the monster from which the Lootbox was obtained

MinZeny = (Character Level + Monster Level*10) / 4

MaxZeny = (Character Level + Monster Level*20) / 2

Zeny Gained = Random (MinZeny, MaxZeny)

The system determines the Zeny each time you open a Loot Box using a random number. As a result, you may not always get the same amount of Zeny.

Example : 

Character Lv = 99

Monster Agav Lv = 128

Min Zeny = 345

Max Zeny = 1,330

Average Zeny = 837

Base on Average Zeny and no VIP status:

STA 500 (Default) = 418,563 Zeny / day

STA 1000*2 (Stamina Elixir) = 1,674,250 Zeny / day

STA 1500 (Land Bed I) = 1,255,688 Zeny / day

STA 750 (Land Bed II) = 627,844 Zeny / day

STA 500 (Land Bed III) = 418,563 Zeny / day

STA 250 (Land Bed IV) = 209,281 Zeny / day

SUM = 4,604,188 Zeny / day

VIP members will receive twice the amount of money from the above calculation.

Quality Of life

Added QOL feature for opening Monster Loot Boxes. From now on, players can choose the number of boxes that want to open.
When double-clicking on a Monster Loot Box, the system will display all available boxes and allow players to select which ones to open.
Players can choose a Monster Loot Box and select the quantity to open.
If the character weight reaches 90%, the system will automatically stop opening boxes.
If there are fewer than 10 available inventory slots, the system will automatically stop opening boxes.

Stamina System

  • Opening a Monster Loot Box costs 1 Stamina, remaining the same.
  • Stamina System will automatically reset the stamina of all players to 500 points at 12am UTC+8.
  • Bed in ​House Renting – 1,500 STA from the first house bed.
  • 2 Stamina Elixirs per day, which will provide a total of 2,000 stamina : 1,000 STA Per each
  • The maximum stamina limit for all players is set at 5,000 STA.

Mining System

  • Regular mining costs 5 Stamina per attempt.
  • Blessing Ore mining costs 500 Stamina per attempt.

Ultraman Event Updates

  • Boss: Reduced HP and stats by 50% (Story Quest)
  • Event Monsters: Reduced HP and stats by 50%
  • Event Monsters: Slightly increased spawn rate

Item Updates

Adding effect to the Costume Ultraseven as follows:

  • [Not For Sale] C Flying Ultraseven : All Stats +1 (Effect Expiration date 22 April 2024)
  • [Not For Sale] C Ultraseven Balloon : All Stats +1 (Effect Expiration date 22 April 2024)
  • [Not For Sale] C UltraSeven Doll Hat : Exp 3% Drop 3% (Effect Expiration date 22 April 2024)

Miscellaneous Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where monster card drops were too very rare.
  • Fixed a bug where players could set up a card in the Buying Store feature.
  • Fixed a bug where mini bosses dropped loot boxes instead of items.
  • Fixed a bug where Treasure Box dropped loot boxes instead of items.
  • Added Ultraman music to the Event map and Instance Dungeon



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