Gameplay Update 2.0M : Ultraman!!


Gameplay Updates

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We Understand Your Concerns

We have received a lot of feedback about the loot box chances. Many of you are concerned that new players will not be able to keep up and cannot be able to catch up the game.

Equipment for New Players

We are giving away free gear to new players to help them enjoy the game! In addition to equipment, we also have a variety of potions and convenience items available for new players, which will help them navigate the early game smoothly. Next week, these items will be accessible. Prepare yourself, eager explorers, for an amazing journey in the Ragnarok Landverse!

Reason About loot box changes

  • Monster Variety: The late-game content with levels +/- 10 has a restricted selection of monsters. This means that there are fewer items available, particularly those that are wearable. For instance, in order to increase the number of items in Box 13, Lower and Higher Stones must be added.

  • Item Value: Some rare items should have higher value, such as Wizardly Staff, Soul Staff, and Ahlspiess. These items should have high prices, but in the Landverse version, their prices are surprisingly low, resulting in a lack of motivation to hunt for rare items.
  • Player Gap: Based on Item Value, the team tried to adjust the drop rate downward for testing before this current version. The result showed that new players couldn’t catch up with old players at all and couldn’t farm items to circulate the in-game economy. Therefore, the team decided to change the loot box system.

  • Zeny Gain: The Zeny gained from killing monsters is unreasonable. Stronger monsters should give more Zeny. Killing 100 Golems should not give the same amount of Zeny as killing 100 Nightmares, since Nightmare is much stronger.

  • Forgotten Monsters: Many monsters in the game are forgotten because the old loot box made players always choose to kill the weakest monsters. This resulted in cards related to element, race, and size being unwanted, which affected the in-game economy.

  • New Content: The upcoming new content supports and relies on the new Monster Loot Box system, which will add more dimensions to the gameplay.

Explanation: Removal of Monster Loot Box

  • We understand that the removal of the old Monster Loot Box might raise some questions. We want to clarify our decision and explain the reasoning behind it. Instead of using Stamina to open the Old Monster Loot Box, we chose to remove it altogether. Additionally, we want to address the concerns about VIP-item sharing in parties. The decision to remove the old Monster Loot Box was driven by the need to address the issue of players exploiting the system, particularly AFKers who were running multiple clients simultaneously to gain an unfair advantage over others. These players were opening numerous boxes, sometimes reaching up to 200 client instances, and benefiting from the Monster loot box feature to accumulate vast amounts of Zeny and items in servers. This resulted in an imbalance and disadvantage for regular players who did not engage in such practices. To tackle this problem, we took the step of removing the Monster Loot Box instead of attempting to make it beneficial. If we were to make these old boxes more beneficial, it would still favor those who exploit the system, potentially causing harm to the majority of fair-playing users. Therefore, after careful consideration, we decided to remove the box entirely instead of reintroducing it into our eco-system.
  • Moving Forward:

    We are committed to providing a fair and enjoyable experience for all our players. We appreciate your understanding and support as we continue to make positive changes to the game.

Monster Loot Box & Stamina Revamp

All old Monster Loot Boxes will be discontinued and removed from the game

Monster Loot Boxes will be replaced with a new version. (The new version will require 1 Stamina to open same as old version.)

Monster Loot Box Items

Each Monster Loot Box will contain items specific to the monster it was obtained from, based on Ragnarok Online Classic.

For example, defeating a Monster Hornet will drop a Hornet’s Box.

Opening a Hornet’s Box has a chance to drop the following items:

Green Herb 5%

Honey 1%

Fly Wing 5%

Jellopy 30%

Bee Sting 80%

Wind of Verdure 0.8%

Main Gauche [4] 0.2%

There is a chance to receive no item when opening a box, depending on the monster’s loot table.


Monster Loot Box New Zeny Calculation Formula

Character levels and monster levels will now be factored into the equation for obtaining Zeny from Monster Loot Boxes.

Character Lv = The player’s character level

Monster Lv  =  The level of the monster from which the Lootbox was obtained

MinZeny = (Character Lv + Monster Lv) ÷ 4

MaxZeny = (Character Lv + Monster Lv) ÷ 2

Zeny Gained = Random (MinZeny, MaxZeny)

The system determines the Zeny each time you open a Loot Box using a random number. As a result, you may not always get the same amount of Zeny.


Other Mechanism

Monster Loot Box

  • Increased drop rate from monsters (It can be drop up to 3 boxes per monster).

Miracle Medicine

  • Still has a chance to drop from Monster Loot Boxes.

Monster Cards

  • Still drop directly from monsters.

Level Drop Penalty

  • Does not affect the drop rate of Monster Loot Boxes.

Equipment Sell Price

  • Reduced by half when selling to NPCs. Due to the increased Zeny gain from Monster Loot Boxes.


Monster Lootbox Database

Information about item drops from each Monster Loot Box will be available soon on the official website.

Mining System

  • Regular mining costs 10 Stamina per attempt.
  • Blessing Ore mining costs 1000 Stamina per attempt.

Stamina System

Stamina System will automatically reset the stamina of all players to 1,000 points at 12am UTC+8.

Bed in ​House Renting – A player rents a house from a Land owner. will gets daily bonus of 3,000 STA from the first house bed.

Players can purchase a maximum of 2 Stamina Elixirs per day, which will provide a total of 4,000 stamina.

The maximum stamina limit for all players is set at 10,000 STA.

* As player rent more houses, subsequent STA from renting will decrease. This is to ensure game balancing and discourage STA exploits.
Renting the first house gives a player 3,000 STA followed by 1,500, 1,000 and 500. Players will not receive any STA if they rent on the fifth time.

Item Updates

Old Blue Box

  • Will no longer drop wearable items to control the resource balance in the Lootbox.

Old Purple Box

  • Will no longer drop wearable items to control the resource balance in the Lootbox.

Gift Box

  • Will no longer drop wearable items to control the resource balance in the Lootbox.
  • Santa Poring Card: Removed from the random drop pool (due to excessive card duplication via the Card Exchange system).

Event Updates

Ultraman Event – Link Soon

Miscellaneous Changes & Bug Fixes

Battle of Midgard
  • AFK detection time has been doubled.
Show Costume
  • Players can now show their equipped costumes to others in the Battle of Midgard map and WOE areas.

Moonstone Shop Update

Added : UItraman Seven Scroll

Removed : Lunar New Year Scroll


Limit 2 : day – Ultraman Seven Power Package (26Feb – 10 Mar) – Link 

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