Raganrok Landverse : Malangdo costumes SS3



latest seasonal update – the Malangdo costumes SS3
Set the fashion pace and be the first to explore the newest and trendiest costume options. 💃
Or dive into the thrilling Enhancements options available !

This new costume only available from 5th February – 10th March 2PM (GMT+8)

List of Malangdo Costumes on this update

Where to exchange Costumes and how?

You can exchange 3 Silvervine Fruits6417.png for a random Malangdo Costume at Malangdo Island with NPC Designer Heidam. Simply navigate to /navi malangdo 116/151.

After obtaining a Mystery Malangdo Costume, you will need to use either the item Magnifier or the skill Item Appraisal to identify your costume.

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