Unlock Greater Rewards with Ragnarok Landverse Top-Up Milestones!


🎆 Celebrate the Month of Love with our extraordinary February top-up milestones, now more exciting than ever,

This is a give-back promotion where the more moonstones you top up, the more fabulous rewards you receive! 🌙
Reach the ultimate milestones now and indulge in a plethora of items, including the Costume Moon and Stars with a special effect of EXP 5% DROP 5% Expire 29/02/24

🎁 Unlock Epic Milestone Rewards:

✨ 10 ION ✨ 30 ION ✨ 50 ION  ✨ 100 ION  ✨ 300 ION
🔮 Blessing Scroll x10
🌀 Increase Agility Scroll x10
🥤 Medium Life Potion x10
🐾 New Pet Scroll x5
📦 Boarding Halter Box 7Day
🌟 Blessing Ore Mirror x20
🐶 [R] Pet Spirit Guarantee Scroll x4
📦 Elite Siege Supply Box x5
🥤 Small Mana Potion x20
🧠 Mental Potion x15
⚔️ [Event] HE Battle Manual x2
🔮 [Event] HE Bubble Gum x2
💎 Adamantine Blessing x79
🌙 Costume Moon and star
🛡️ Adamantine Blessing x189
🔮 Enriched Elunium x1
💎 Enriched Oridecon x1

Start topping up now at https://landverse.maxion.gg/TopUp. 🚀💎

 🌙Items highlighted:


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