Ragnarok Landverse : Valentine Seasonal Event


The quest for love is arriving for every Casanova player in the Ragnarok Landverse 🌹. Charm them with your gifts and make their hearts beat with love ❤️.
As their affection is precious, conquer them all and collect “Lovely Hearts” 💕 from 10 NPCs who are eagerly waiting for you.

Event Mechanics.

Players will be able to give gifts to NPCs and enhance their relationships with them.
When players present gifts to NPCs, you will earn points and Lovely Hearts based on their relationship score.

You can check your relationship score in the dialogue when you give a gift to an NPC.
The relationship scores range from +5 to -5.

Relationship Score Lovely Heart  NPC dialogue
+5 points 5 ea Greetings! I’m absolutely thrilled! You just gifted me, and it’s beyond amazing. I can’t thank you enough!
+4 points 4 ea Hey there! You truly made my day by giving me. It’s like you read my mind. Your thoughtful gift means a lot!
+3 points 3 ea Hi! Thanks a bunch for the. Your choice shows real consideration, and I appreciate the effort.
+2 points 2 ea Hello! I wanted to express my gratitude for this. It’s a nice touch, and I’m genuinely thankful for your gift.
+1 point 1 ea Hey! So, I received. It’s an interesting choice. Thanks for thinking of me!
+0 point 0 ea Greetings! , and it’s not bad at all. Thanks for the gift; I’ll put it to good use.
-1 point 0 ea Oh, hi. it’s not really my thing. I appreciate the gesture, but it’s not a perfect match.
-2 points 0 ea Hey. So, you gave me. Honestly, it’s not my style. I’m grateful, but it’s not what I expected.
-3 points 0 ea Uh, hey. I have to be honest, I don’t like it. Please consider my preferences next time.
-4 points 0 ea Well, I received, and I’m not happy about it. It’s quite far from what I would enjoy. Let’s aim for a better match next time.
-5 points 0 ea Hey. I hate to say it, but it’s the last thing I would have wanted. Please, let’s be more considerate with the choices.

And you will receive Lovely Hearts corresponding to each relationship score you achieve.
For example:
– A +1 relationship score will earn you 1 Lovely Heart.
– A +5 relationship score will earn you 5 Lovely Hearts.
– A -5 relationship score will result in 0 Lovely Hearts.

Lovely Hearts can be used at the Valentine Seasonal Shop to exchange for different rewards.
Special: When the relationship score reaches 50, players will receive 50 Lovely Hearts
(this condition can be met once per NPC).

Relationship level Color of text Description Total points
Rank 5 Pink She has fallen in love with you. 50+
Rank 4 RED She likes you. 40-49
Rank 3 Orange She has started to secretly like you. 30-39
Rank 2 Green Starting to be friends. 20-29
Rank 1 Blue Acquaintance 10-19
Rank 0 Black Stranger 0-9


What items can I give to NPCs, and where can I get them?

You can find these items at the Valentine Gift Shop in Prontera at coordinates 122/91.

However, please note that not all NPCs love the same items; some items may reduce your relationship points.

Therefore, observe their reactions carefully to improve your relationship faster.

Valentine Gift Shop (2500 zeny each)
Items Dialog When Love Dialog When Hate
Apple Juice (Gift) Oh, thank you so much! Apple juice is refreshing, and I love it! Apple juice, huh? It’s not really my thing, but thanks for the effort.
Fruit Parfait (Gift) Wow, a fruit parfait! Such a sweet and delightful treat. You know my taste well! Fruit parfait? It looks delicious, but I’m not a fan. Still, I appreciate the gesture.
Prickly Fruit (Gift) Prickly fruit? That’s quite unique! Thanks for the interesting choice. Prickly fruit? That’s quite different. Not exactly my taste, but thanks anyway.
Banana Juice (Gift) Banana juice! I adore bananas. Thanks for this healthy and tasty gift! Banana juice. Interesting choice. Not something I’d go for, but thanks for thinking of me.
Carrot Juice (Gift) Carrot juice! It’s like a boost of energy. Thanks a bunch for this thoughtful gift! Carrot juice, huh? It’s a unique choice. Not my favorite, but I appreciate the gift.
Aromatic Flower (Gift) An aromatic flower! The fragrance is enchanting. You really made my day! An aromatic flower! The scent is nice, but flowers aren’t really my thing. Thanks, though.
Blue Vital Flower (Gift) A blue vital flower! So vibrant and beautiful. Thank you for this lovely gift! Blue vital flower. It’s pretty, but I’m not much of a flower person. Still, thanks for the effort.
Centimental Flower (Gift) Centimental flower? That’s so sweet! I appreciate the sentiment behind this gift. Centimental flower? That’s sweet, but flowers aren’t really my style. Thanks for the thought.
Flower (Gift) A flower! Simple and elegant. Thanks for brightening my day with this beautiful gift. A flower. It’s nice, but I’m not a huge fan of flowers. Thanks for the gesture, though.
Witherless Rose (Gift) A witherless rose! It’s stunning and everlasting. I’m touched by your thoughtful choice. A witherless rose. It’s unique, but I’m not really into roses. Thanks anyway for the gift.
Pearl (Gift) A pearl! Such a precious and elegant gift. I feel truly special. Thank you! A pearl! It’s elegant, but not exactly my style. Thanks for the unique gift, though.
Amethyst (Gift) Amethyst! What a beautiful gem. Your gift has added a touch of luxury to my day. Amethyst. It’s a beautiful gem, but not really my taste. Thanks for the effort, though.
Blue Jewel (Gift) A blue jewel! It’s dazzling and eye-catching. Thank you for this glamorous gift! Blue jewel. It’s dazzling, but I’m not much into jewelry. Still, thanks for the glamorous gift.
Emerald (Gift) Emerald! Green is my favorite color. You’ve chosen the perfect gift for me. Thanks! Emerald. Green is nice, but it’s not my favorite color. Thanks for the thought, though.
Garnet (Gift) Garnet! The deep red hue is stunning. I appreciate this thoughtful and beautiful gift. Garnet. The color is lovely, but it’s not something I’d wear. Thanks for the gesture.
Dried Fruit Box (Gift) A dried fruit box! Healthy and delicious. Thanks for this tasty and practical gift! A dried fruit box. It’s a healthy choice, but I’m not a fan of dried fruits. Thanks anyway.
Hearty Lunch box (Gift) A hearty lunch box! Such a thoughtful and filling gift. I’m ready for a feast! Hearty lunch box. It looks filling, but I have specific dietary preferences. Thanks for the effort.
Portable Sewing box (Gift) A portable sewing box! How practical and considerate. Thanks for this handy gift! Portable sewing box. It’s practical, but I’m not much into sewing. Thanks for the practical gift.
Summer Happy Box (Gift) Summer happy box! What a cheerful surprise. Thanks for spreading joy with this gift! Summer happy box. It’s cheerful, but some items aren’t my style. Still, thanks for the happy vibes.
Bradium Box (Gift) A Bradium box! Such a valuable and exciting gift. I’m thrilled! Thanks a lot! A Bradium box! That’s valuable, but I’m not sure how to use it. Thanks for the valuable gift, though.


Valentine Shop prontera 118/91 Limited Normal Acc Limited VIP Acc Limited Battle Pass Acc Lovely Heart (ea)
[Event] C Cute Bear Balloon : 1 1 0 0 400
Character Slot Expansion Coupon : 1 0 1 1 400
[Event] – Random Rental Ring Box 7D : 1
Items that you can get
– [Event] Beholder Ring
– [Event] Hallow Ring
– [Event] Clamorous Ring
– [Event] Chemical Ring
– [Event] Insecticide Ring
– [Event] Fisher Ring
– [Event] Decussate Ring
– [Event] Bloody Ring
– [Event] Satanic Ring
– [Event] Dragon Ring
1 1 1 70
[Event] Crystal Egg : 1
[Event] Pet Bonus: +50 Critical Effect expires on February 18th.
1 0 0 50
[Event] Mental Potion : 10 1 1 1 50
[Event] Small Mana Potion : 15 1 1 1 50
Adam Blessing : 3 100 100 100 7
Rare Pet guaranteed Scroll : 1 1 2 3 100
[Event] White Potion : 30 75 100 125 10
[Event] Blue Potion : 10 25 50 75 10

How many NPCs for this event and where can I Found them?

There are 10 NPCs in this Valentine’s event for you to win over their hearts. and collect the rewards

NPC 1 (Moe) prontera 165/71 NPC 2 (Pink Girl) prontera 106/76
NPC 3 (I You) prontera 95/134 NPC 4 (Br Girl) prontera 67/212
NPC 5 (Librarian) prontera 71/329 NPC 6 (GM Girl) prontera 163/304
NPC 7 (Payongirl) prontera 238/312 NPC 8 (Mena) prontera 206/126
NPC 9 (Kid) prontera 244/212 NPC 10 (Orc Lady) gef_fild10 76/340

*If you’re looking to uncover the secrets to winning their hearts, follow us on Discord, where we will be sharing official spoilers soon ( channel sneak-peek).


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