🎮 Play Battle of Midgard 2(Beta): Ultimate Arena Fight in Ragnarok Landverse


This time, it comes back with a new update: shrinking the scale of the battle to 20 vs 20 players in each fight, while adding more arenas.
🏟ī¸ Simultaneously, we’ve succeeded in condensing the fun of battle. Join the battle now! ⚔ī¸

⏰ Event Time:

– 20:00 ~ 20:30 (30 minutes) GMT+8
**”Battle of Midgard 2″ is open every day until the end of the trial period. 📆

📋 Event Schedule and Queueing:

– The Battle of Midgard (BoM) event starts as per the main event time, announced by the server. đŸ“ĸ
– Players can queue for the event through the Battle Ground button until the activity’s end time. 🕒
– Once in a room, players cannot re-queue. đŸšĢ

🎲 Room Formation and Gameplay:

– Rooms automatically start when there are 40 players queued, forming two teams of 20 players each. 🌀
– The default requirement for each room is 40 players, divided into two teams (20 vs 20). đŸ‘Ĩ
– If the final room at 20:30 does not have 40 players, the activity will start with the available participants. 🏁
– Rooms already in progress will continue past the queue time. 🔁
– The maximum duration for a BoM battle is 5 minutes. âŗ
– The team with the most kills at the end of the 5-minute duration wins. 🏆

🛠ī¸ Game Mechanics:

– If a player dies during battle, they will respawn at the save zone. 💀↩ī¸
– Skill restrictions and limitations for the Battleground map are the same as those for the War of Emperium. đŸ—ēī¸

BOM Arena Map

🏠 Post-Event Procedure:

– After the event ends, players will be sent back to town. 🏠

🎁 Rewards

– King of Midgard will receive a 150% experience (EXP) boost and a 150% drop rate bonus for 30 minutes 👑
– Each player of the winning team will receive a + 100% experience (EXP) boost and a + 100% drop rate bonus for 30 minutes 🌟
– Each player of the losing team will receive a + 50% experience (EXP) boost and a + 50% drop rate bonus for 30 minutes 🎖ī¸

Experience the Benefits 🌟: Simply create a guild that meets the conditions for more details “Click Here”


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