Ragnarok Landverse : Guild War New Castle Update


Embark on a thrilling new chapter in Ragnarok Landverse! unveil an innovative update to our guild war system,
introducing a brand new castle and reshaping the rules of castle ownership.

These enhancements are designed to invigorate the competitive spirit across the realm.

1.Revised Castle Ownership Rules in Ragnarok Landverse:

Limitation on Castle Ownership Rewards:
In this update guilds can now receive rewards for owning a maximum of two castles only. (Guild Supply)
By limiting the number of castles that contribute to a guild’s rewards, we encourage guilds to prioritize their targets and manage their resources more effectively,
leading to a more competitive and balanced gameplay experience.

2.New Castle in Ragnarok Landverse: X Castle

Experience the challenge of conquering and holding a new castle, distinct in architecture and strategic possibilities.
The adventure can enter this castle only through the ROverse Manual Book warp. Upon warping to X Castle, players will spawn randomly within the castle.

How does this New X Castle look?

Imagine a battlefield laid out on an X-shaped map, meticulously designed to stir up the competitive spirit and challenge your strategic prowess.
This new Castle in Ragnarok Landverse is more than just a territory to conquer; it’s a testament to tactical ingenuity.
Are you prepared to navigate its complexities? Do you think it will pose a formidable challenge for you?

Map shape :

Center of the Castle :

The place where the Emperium stone is located.
The Emperium will be positioned in the center of the map, and the Emperium can move in this castle!

Each Corner of the New Castle:

They are distinguished by different colors – red, blue, green, and yellow.

Castle Benefits

  • Guilds that control X Castle at the end of the WoE is eligible for guild supply, similar to other castles.

What sets this castle apart from the others?

  • Access to this new castle in Ragnarok Landverse is special. You can enter it by using the ROverse Manual Book, and this entry is only available during the guild war times.
  • Diverging from traditional designs, this new castle does not feature a treasure room, flag, tech upgrades, or Kafra facilities, marking a significant shift in the gameplay experience.
  • Is this castle a part of the Guild Supply Campaign?  Indeed, it is integrated within the Guild Supply Campaign, adding another layer to its strategic importance.

Dive into the game and experience this firsthand – craft your unique strategy to triumph in this new challenge. Join us now and leave your legacy in Ragnarok Landverse!


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