Ragnarok Landverse : Card Master collection


Welcome to this week’s Card Collection update! We’re excited to announce significant enhancements to the collection,
enabling you to utilize a variety of new cards throughout Ruin-Midgard in Ragnarok Landverse.

This update introduces 83 new cards to the collection, each bringing unique effects and abilities to the Landverse.
Let’s dive into the details below and explore what these cards have to offer!


Card Name Collection Effects
Anopheles Card Weight Limit 50
Egnigem Cenia Card Weight Limit 50
Armeyer Dinze Card HP 10
Wickebine Tres Card HP 10
Gremlin Card Neutral Damage 1
Beholder Card Ghost Damage 1
Eremes Guile Card Critical Rate on Demi-Human 1
Margaretha Sorin Card SP % 1
Venatu Card Bleeding Resistance 1
Dimik Card FLEE 2
Green Maiden Card Critical Rate 1
Grove Card Holy Resistance 1
Hydrolancer Card MATK 2
Dragon Egg Card Weight Limit 50
Ancient Mimic Card HP 10
Baroness of Retribution Card HP 10
Dame of Sentinel Card VIT 1
Mistress of Shelter Card Critical Rate + ? on Angel 1
Aliza Card MATK 2
Seeker Card MATK 2
Snowier Card HP 10
Ice Titan Card DEF 2
Gazeti Card DEF 2
Muscipular Card HP 10
Stapo Card HP 10

**Always Rely on In-Game Info for Accurate information.


Card Name Collection Effects
Holden Card LUK 1
Hill Wind Card DEF 2
Errende Ebecee Card DEF 2
Kavach Icarus Card Wind Damage 1
Remover Card Poison Damage 1
Seyren Windsor Card Perfect Hit 1
Archdam Card DEX 1
Gold Acidus Card HP
Blue Acidus Card SP 5
Yellow Novus Card HP 10
Death Word Card Weight Limit 50
Lady Solace Card MATK 2
Despero of Thanatos Card ASPD % 1
Dolor of Thanatos Card Angel Damage 1
Alicel Card Boss Resistance 1
Aliot Card MATK 2
Frus Card MDEF 1
Skeggiold Card Demi-Human Resistance 1
Drosera Card Cri Dmg 1
Roween Card FLEE
Perfect Dodge

**Always Rely on In-Game Info for Accurate information.


Card Name Collection Effects
Laurell Weinder Card MATK 2
Howard Alt-Eisen Card HIT 2
Cecil Damon Card ASPD % 1
Orc Baby Card Undead Resistance 1
Red Ferus Card DEF 2
Red Novus Card Angel Resistance 1
Plasma Card SP 5
Breeze Card ATK 2
Maero of Thanatos Card Neutral Damage 1
Odium of Thanatos Card AGI 1
Skogul Card MATK 2
Echio Card ATK
Vanberk Card ATK % 1
Isilla Card Variable Cast Time 1
Hodremlin Card Weight Limit 50
Siroma Card Brute (Animal) Resistance 1
Galion Card HIT
Water Damage

**Always Rely on In-Game Info for Accurate information.


Card Name Collection Effects
Gemini-S58 Card Stun Resistance 2
Kathryne Keyron Card MATK % 3
Green Ferus Card HP 50
Agav Card MATK 5

**Always Rely on In-Game Info for Accurate information.



Card Name Collection Effects
General Egnigem Cenia Card All Status 1
Lord Knight Card STR 3
Assassin Cross Card AGI 3
MasterSmith Card VIT 3
High Priest Card INT 3
High Wizard Card DEX 3
Sniper Card LUK 3
White Lady Card Increases effectiveness of Healing skills 5
Vesper Card Boss Resistance 5
Lady Tanee Card SP % 5
Detardeurus Card DEF 10
Memory of Thanatos Card Physical Penetration 5
Kiel-D-01 Card After Cast Delay 5
Randgris Card ATK % 5
Gloom Under Night Card Holy Damage
Shadow Damage
Ktullanux Card Fire Damage 5
Atroce Card Critical Rate 5

**Always Rely on In-Game Info for Accurate information.

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