Dev Notes: Next in Landverse 2024


Dear Adventurers,

I am MEE7 from Maxion.


How was the recent Christmas Event? Did you get good items from the gacha?

Can I say here that next week there will be back-to-back events for you to enjoy? It will be a new type of event for us.

Today, I want to talk with the adventurers for the first time to communicate what we are dedicating ourselves to, planning, fixing, and developing.

Alright, let’s get to the main content.


🗺️ Roadmap 2023 

Yes, I am talking about the roadmap of the past year. You might be wondering why each update doesn’t quite align with the roadmap. Sometimes they come earlier, sometimes later, right?

Since our project, Ragnarok Landverse, involves receiving feedback, team monitoring, and overview, we will not force updates to exactly match the previously announced roadmap.

Instead, we will focus on updating what is necessary and providing fun for everyone during that period.


🌟 Quality of Life

You will see that we have made many things more accessible in our game. We have several items and equipment for new players.

We have improved various systems so that all adventurers have better QOL. Understanding that this is a modern era, anything not suitable for the times needs to be improved.

In the near future, we plan to overhaul the Training Ground completely, to give players experiencing ROL for the first time a better gaming experience.

For documents outside the game, like the Website and Whitepaper, we will also develop and provide more information to players.


🔮 Future Features

We focus on developing new things or improving existing ones, keeping the fun of the players in mind.

From what you have experienced, convenience must come with gameplay, and understanding should not be too hard to ensure fun.

Thus, we plan new things that will meet the players’ needs. Rest assured, we will not leave you behind, but I won’t tell yet what will be in the future. Stay tuned if you want to know.


👥 Community

We have noticed that we have fewer activities or content for you to get to know each other.

We want to create things that make people on the server know each other, even from different countries, and can be friends.

You can add friends to level up together, hunt bosses, or do anything instead of doing it alone.

So, we think we want to make new systems that give you more friends and make you less lonely.


Gameplay Balance

🛍️ Moonstone Shop

Some items that affect WoE too much will be removed from the Moonstone Shop soon.

These make certain Class too disadvantaged, which shouldn’t happen in WoE battles. For items in the Moonstone Shop, you can suggest what you want us to sell.


⚖️ Item Balance

After monitoring overall aspects from PvE, PVP, PK, and WoE, we see that some equipment options are too extreme.

So, we will make significant changes in calculations before the ROL Tournament. This includes items that lack capabilities, which might be enhanced.

This will create new gameplay strategies and certainly more fun.


🔧 Skill Balance

The same goes for skills. We will change how they work, their damage, or mechanisms before the ROL Tournament.

We will start with Class 2-1, followed by 2-2, in 2 phases, and maintain the concept until the end of the Tournament.

The improvements will allow every profession to compete equally in the Server. You can expect a free period to Reset Skills and Status.


Problems and Solutions

🤖 Botter

We have noticed and are always watching the behavior of bots that are not part of the game.

Currently, we have GMs observing in many areas, ensuring those who violate the rules are consistently banned.

Thank you for reporting, making our work easier. Soon, we will have a surprise for these individuals.


🔌 Disconnected

We try to prevent continuous attacks to ensure smooth gameplay for everyone.

However, we apologize if you experience disconnections. We will continue to improve this to support overnight automation without any problems.


🎒 Item Lost

We have found the root cause of this issue. However, solving it completely will take time.

If you are affected, we deeply apologize. Please send a Ticket, and rest assured, you will get your items back once we complete the investigation, though it will take time.


💬 Language Barrier

It’s evident in the Landverse project that players of many nationalities join. This creates communication problems.

Some are not fluent in English, so we will implement Multi-Language to solve this. We will start with Multi-Language NPCs and then translate items and skills.



Dear Landverse Community,

Thanatos From Maxion

We are thrilled to share the latest developments in our product roadmap as we embark on Phase 2 of our Marketplace V2 upgrades.

Building upon the foundation laid in Phase 1, we have been hard at work to bring you a host of new and enhanced features that will elevate your Marketplace experience to new heights.


🌟 Phase 1 Highlights: Q1 2024

  • Add Favorites Function: Save and curate your favorite NFTs effortlessly.
  • Add Advanced Search: Discover NFTs tailored to your preferences with ease.
  • Add Sweep Mode: This allows you to purchase multiple NFTs simultaneously, streamlining your buying experience.
  • Buy NFTs as Gifts: Purchasing NFTs in the Marketplace and sending them to other wallets.
  • Facilitation of Fund Addition via Credit Card: Simplify adding ION to your wallet.
  • New Smart Contract: Reduce the minimum price to 3 ION and decrease the tax fee to 10% + 1 ION

Now, brace yourselves for what’s in store in Phase 2:


🚀 Phase 2 Features: Q2 2024

  • Add Displaying NFTs: Showcase your NFT collection to the world with a user-friendly display option.
  • Seller Listing Display: Gain visibility as a seller, making it easier for buyers to discover your offerings.
  • Implementation of an Auction System: Dive into the thrill of NFT auctions, where you can bid, win, and own exclusive digital assets.
  • $Max Rewards Page: Stay updated on the latest rewards, promotions, and exclusive offers in one convenient place.
  • Launching the Maxion Store on Marketplace: Explore a brand-new digital storefront featuring a curated selection of premium NFTs and merchandise.


These enhancements are designed to empower both buyers and sellers within our community.

Currently, Adam is undergoing an audit process, both on the smart contract side and with the financial firm.

We want to express our gratitude for your continued support and feedback, which have been instrumental in shaping these improvements. We can’t wait to see how you embrace these new features and take your NFT journey to the next level.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting announcements as we roll out Phase 2 of our Marketplace V2 upgrades.


Finally, The Christmas season has arrived, and the year 2023 is coming to an end.

Our entire team will dedicate ourselves fully in the coming year to develop content and make our game even more enjoyable, meeting the needs of all players.

We sincerely apologize if any issues have caused you discomfort. We want to convey that we are also concerned and will promptly address any problems.

If you have any suggestions, you can send a Ticket or talk with Kafra through Discord, like suggesting items for the Gacha or items to be added to the Moonstone Shop.

Whatever it is, the weather is getting cooler now. It might seem strange to say this, but we want you to enjoy the New Year’s festivities, engage in activities, and spend time with your family and friends.

Therefore, we announce that we will pause WoE on December 31st. For those staying home, we have many other contents for you to enjoy in our ROL.

We would like to thank all the adventurers for your love and support throughout.

Thank you.

Landverse Team


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